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Wireless Headsets

Sonetics Wireless Headsets

Work zones are loud places! Communication between workers is crucial for a couple reasons, the first being safety. Wireless headsets are the only solution. That’s why Royal is an authorized distributor of Sonetics Headsets. These headsets allow for safe and efficient communication in any work zone. Especially useful for traffic control operations, flaggers at the front of the work zone can easily communicate with flaggers at the end of the work zone to keep traffic flowing safely. Yelling over handheld radios can be very difficult to manage, especially over loud noises and hearing protection. Instead, Sonetics Headsets filters outside noises to allow for concentration on the task at hand.

Connected Crews = Safer Work Zone

  • Save time
  • Hear what’s important
  • Dustproof and Watertight
  • Avoid costly miscommunications
  • Clear communication even at a distance of 1,600 ft.
  • Talk without removing your hearing protection or shutting down equipment
  • Ground crew can communicate with drivers or operators of heavy equipment
Wireless Headsets