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Medium Duty Dump Truck

Royal Truck & Equipment has built over 5000 custom trucks, so you know we’ve built a dump truck or two. One of our specialties is the medium duty dump truck. We have great deal of experience installing brand new rugby hoists on completely detailed and refinished bodies. We take pride in every truck we build, whether it’s a custom build or a retail job. Every truck that comes through our shop is treated as if it’s the only one. Our attention to detail and our quality is unparalleled in the industry. When you get a truck from Royal, you build your dump truck the way you want it. You choose that add ons The right choices of engine, transmission, axle configuration, and other features ensure that your truck fits your needs, and cost-effectively.

Royal’s superior team can help you answer all the questions to regarding your next medium duty dump truck. Find out why customers keep choosing a Royal build over any other! Make a smart dump truck buying decision.

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Forestry Truck

Forestry Truck

Royal Truck & Equipment’s forestry truck and bodies are known for being the toughest in the industry. Some may argue that we go overboard with our designs, but we argue that we don’t settle for anything less then perfection. We are proud to offer:

  • HD steel bodies including angled gussets for extra strength to prevent bending or denting of the sides of the body
  • HD removable lids for easy accesses and the ability to load larger loads
  • Super HD steel barn style doors and heavy duty hoists

We build our forestry trucks knowing that they will be worked hard, and by some of the best in the industry. A lot of thought and engineering goes into each truck we build, so you are able to be on the job longer…with the best results possible!


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Landscape Truck

Royal Truck & Equipment’s landscape truck has what it takes to conquer the world of landscape and construction. It’s demanding and intense work that isn’t easy on the body or trucks and equipment. When we engineer our trucks, we keep this in mind by designing bodies that meet the needs of the workers and the work. Royal has the toughest landscape trucks for sale in the area.

  • Our bodies are rugged and durable so they will stand up to years of repeated abuse.
  • We cannot take all the credit for our designs – our customers’ unique ideas and individual custom requests have, over the years, become a part of our standard builds.
  • Everything from our heavy duty steel bodies with angled gussets, to steel tubing to reinforce the sides and floor, to our heavy duty hoists and tool boxes are some of the best designs in the landscaping industry!
Royal Landscape Truck

Landscape Trucks for Sale

At Royal you can completely customize any of our landscape trucks for sale. You can remove or add any components or safety features you need for your specific line of work. We’ can also upfit your existing cab and chassis with a Royal built landscape body or one of your choosing! We have a variety of bodies with different lengths and weight capacities. Add accessories like tool boxes, tarps, communication headsets and many more.

Landscape Truck

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Royal Stake Body Truck

Stake Body Truck

Royal designs every stake body truck to endure extreme conditions. This includes a heavy duty steel bulkhead and body. The HD steel racks are removable and powder coated the color of your choice. They’re specially built to prevent any chance of bending or bowing. Extended high racks are available too.

Put Royal’s stake truck body on any clean, low mile cab & chassis you choose! Bring us your own and we’ll upfit it with a new Royal stake body. Our stake truck bodies provide the toughness to outlast and perform and the versatility to take on many different tasks.

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Stake Truck

Our bodies’ decks are built from extra heavy duty steel with a non-skid coating to ensure optimum safety in rough conditions. You can add toolboxes, liftgates, DVR systems and other components to make sure your truck is built to tackle any job.

Stake truck bodies are available with our without man buckets and arrow boards. (:

We’ve seen how rough our clients can be on these trucks. We’ve also seen how competitor trucks have stood the test of time, or haven’t rather. That’s why Royal Truck & Equipment is dedicated to building bodies that last a lifetime.

You might also find these regulations handy: FMCSA Cargo Securement Rules

Royal Stake Truck
Stake Body Truck


Grapple Truck

Grapple Truck

Royal has maintained a strong presence in the forestry industry and earned a reputation for some of the best built trucks over the years. One of the the trucks we always take particular pride in is our Grapple truck. Each is equipped with our incredibly durable forestry body and either a Kesla grapple or the world renowned Epsilon grapple crane.

Each chassis is hand picked and inspected by the owner and president of the company before it even makes it back to our facility to be thoroughly inspected by our highly trained technicians. Once the truck meets all of our standards and is deemed worthy, the build process begins where our team of engineers and fabricators determines whether or not the frame will be stretched or shortened and whether or not an axle roll will be necessary to accommodate the weight of the body and capacity of the possible load.


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