Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality Training is an immersive 360-degree experience that simulates dangerous real-life job scenarios in a safe, controlled environment.  This method of training has been proven to be effective across many different industries including automotive, construction, healthcare, and architecture.
Visually deliver large amounts of critical information.
Improve memory retention rates for longer durations.
Reduce risk of incidents in a live environment.

Traffic Cone Retrieval

Immerse yourself in a simulated operation where you’ll need to retrieve cones from a busy highway while traffic passes by. Settings include speed, traffic volume, and time score.

Tabletop traffic control plan

Challenge your workers with setting up a traffic control plan on this scaled tabletop environment – customized to your state’s traffic control plan requirements.

Multiplayer flagging

Connect up to 4 players from anywhere in the world to work together in controlling traffic in the same virtual work zone.

Equipment Safety check

Ensure your drivers know what to look for before hitting the road by testing their ability to perform a walk-around inspection.
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