Increasing Safety In Your Utility Fleet

Over 60% of contractors working on the highway had a car crash into their operation in the last year. Are you prepared for WHEN this happens to you?

About Attenuator Trucks

As the primary source of protection in your work zone, truck mounted attenuator trucks (also known as TMA or crash trucks) serve as a barrier between your crews and oncoming traffic. When first looking to add a TMA truck to your fleet, finding the right fit for your operations may seem like overwhelming task. To help simplify it for you, you can break down your decision into two key questions:

  1. What kind of attenuator do I need? While this may seem like a broad question, we can help identify which attenuator is right for your operations through our 14-point checklist to spec’ing a TMA for your fleet!

  2. What all do I need the truck for? While fleet utilization may seem like a buzzword in the industry, many companies are losing money every year by having underutilized trucks stay idle for a majority of the year. If your company runs many different types of operations, a multi-purpose truck may be right for you to keep your trucks working in every season.

While adding a TMA to your fleet is a great first step, you could still be at risk if you don’t continue to prioritize safety in your work zones.

Reducing Your Liability

Multi-million dollar liability claims (also known as nuclear verdicts) coming against contractors post-work zone crash are on the rise, with proactive safety management being taken into consideration. Not having safety tools in your work zone may leave your company more exposed to liability.

Along with a reduction in potential liability, you may also be able to reduce your company’s insurance rates. In some cases, companies throughout the country have been able to lower their insurance rates by equipping their fleets with safety equipment, like connected technology.

You can learn more about strategies to reduce your liability by downloading a copy of our presentation, “Emerging Trends in Work Zone Liability: Reducing Your Risk”. Originally presented at ATSSA’s 2021 Traffic Expo with Greg Stefan of Arch Insurance, this presentation dives deeper into industry safety trends and preventative steps you can take to lower your company’s risk.

While adding a TMA to your fleet is a great first step, you could still be at risk if you don’t continue to prioritize safety in your work zones.

Solutions for the Utility Industry

TMA Trucks

Engineered with your operations in mind, our attenuator trucks are built to make your zones safer and operations run smoother.

By absorbing the force of the impacting vehicle, both the men and women working in your zones as well as the impacting driver can remain safe.

Virtual Reality Training

When your team is properly trained, your operations are safer and more efficient.

Our award-winning virtual reality training programs better prepare your workers for the dangers of live operations by increasing memory retention over traditional methods of training.

Connected Technology

With live notifications of work zone activity being delivered directly to navigation services, both mobile and in-dash, you can give drivers more time to adjust to changing traffic conditions.

Our ConnectedTech suite of products can transform everything from your arrow boards to your traffic cones into digital delineators.

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