Royal Truck and Equipment, Inc. builds everything from forestry trucks to dump trucks, water trucks to stake body trucks, with a specialty in traffic safety trucks. Every truck is built to the highest and toughest quality standards. Over the years, company President Rob and his wife Pam, have crisscrossed the country visiting customers, spending time on job sites and interacting with legislators, regulators and DOT personnel. This experience has allowed Royal to gain a unique and rare understanding of vocational best practices, particularly as they relate to traffic safety. As a result, Royal has incorporated those best practices into superior designs for each fleet, and specifically for Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) trucks which has become the primary business of Royal.


Royal is proud to sell a variety of trucks and equipment over the last 30 years. Our inventory is constantly changing, so please check back often if you do not find what you are looking for today.

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Custom Builds

Royal Truck & Equipment has been custom building trucks for a long time. We are one of the nation’s leading commercial truck fabrication facilities and have one of the finest fabrication teams in the country. We specialize in custom builds, alterations, body installations, frame modifications, and have a national reputation for our hydraulics work and equipment repair and installation. We strive to provide our customers with products and services that will exceed their expectations and outlast their needs. Our guys work round the clock to get you the truck you need to get the job done and done well!

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Specialty Builds

Royal Truck & Equipment exceeds expectation with our line of specialty trucks. We understand the work you do is unique, merging several different types of applications. Whether you need 3 trucks in 1 or TMA protection that drives itself, we build what previously was only the imaginable! Royal provides specialty trucks that meet the best of both worlds, with the highest quality and safety standards you’ve come to trust.

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