Trucks For A Cause

Trucks For A Cause

Our mission is simple. Support those we strive to protect. We’re not just a company of people who care about safety. We’re also parents and grandparents, veterans and sons and daughters of veterans, cancer survivors, and foster parents to animals in need. We come from all walks of life.

Despite where we come from or what we’ve been through, we all accept that one of the hardest parts of our job is knowing that work zone accidents happen every day to people like us, people we know, or maybe even someone you know.

So we started thinking, what if we could do more? For almost 4 decades we’ve been building trucks that save lives, and that makes us proud. But what if we could be more? We grew determined in having a greater impact on the lives we’re trying to protect.

Trucks for a Cause was established to do just that. By sponsoring a charity, we’re helping to raise awareness for the cause while supporting with a financial commitment that can help improve lives, not just protect them.

Helmets to Hardhats


This year we’re sponsoring Helmets to hard hats as our charity of choice! Helmets to hard hats helps military service members transition back into civilian life by providing them with training and careers in the construction industry. Since 2007, the organization has successfully placed nearly 6,000 military veterans into quality careers in the building and construction trades.

Throughout the entire year, we will be donating a portion of the sales from every truck sold to Helmets to hard hats. In addition, we will be unveiling this ‘Truck for a Cause’ at ConExpo in March 2020. Check back for photos and progress throughout the year!

For more information about this charity or to donate directly, please visit their website at helmetstohard hats.org.

Royal Charity Helmet to Hardhats Truck