The Royal Rental Network

The Royal Rental Network is a cooperative of rental companies throughout North America that Royal Truck & Equipment has organized to provide our customers with a direct link to the attenuator truck rentals they need, when they need them.  Please fill out the form below to have a member of our Royal team contact you with the nearest branch location from our rental network.

Attenuator Truck Rental Partners

United Rentals Attenuator Truck Rentals

United Rentals TMA Trucks for Rent

Safety and efficiency are core values at United Rentals.  Find the right equipment for a better work site at one of their many locations throughout 49 states.
Northwest Barricade & Signs traffic Control Truck Rentals

Northwest Barricade & Signs Attenuator Truck Rentals

Serving the Pacific Northwest, Northwest Barricade & Signs puts safety first by offering Royal built TMA and traffic control trucks along with many other services.
Royal Truck & Equipment TMA Truck Rentals

Royal Truck & Equipment for Local Traffic Control Truck Rentals

In some cases (based on your proximity to us and length of time needed), we may be able to provide you a rental TMA or traffic control truck out of our own rental fleet.
Sunbelt Rentals TMA Trucks for Rent

TMA Trucks at Sunbelt Rentals

As one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America and more than 700 locations, Sunbelt Rentals offers Royal traffic control trucks nationwide.
Regional Traffic Services TMA Truck Rentals

Crash Truck Rentals at
Texas First Rentals

As a leading construction equipment rental company, Texas First Rentals prides itself on service, safety, quality, and high performance across the state of Texas.
Alban Rents Crash Truck Rentals

TMA Trucks for Rent at Alban Rents

With locations across Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, Alban Rents is the trusted source for top-quality, budget conscious construction equipment rentals.
Texas First Rental TMA Trucks

Regional Traffic Services
Attenuator Truck Rentals

Regional Traffic Services has over 18 years combined experience providing work zone safety equipment & crash truck rentals to the Houston area & throughout Texas.

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Why Rent an Attenuator Truck?

  • Zero Upfront Investment – You can grow or maintain your business without any additional capital investment on idle equipment. When credit and cash flow are at a premium, crash truck rentals can save you thousands.
  • Zero Fleet Maintenance – Not all of your projects require TMA trucks. If you want to avoid the purchase and maintenance costs when trucks are not in use, try attenuator truck rentals through Royal!
  • On Demand Availability – We have preferred relationships with rental companies throughout North America. By coming to Royal first, you can access special rental rates offered only through the Royal Rental Network.
  • Flexibility – You can bid on projects that you otherwise might pass up, because you know you can get the trucks you need, when you need them. Flexibility on how you allocate your assets is key to growing your business successfully.
  • State and Federal Guideline Specific Equipment – Getting your hands on TMAs that meet your State’s requirements is not always easy, especially under the time constraints of government and municipal contracts. Renting solves that problem.