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Truck Refurbishment

Royal Truck Refurbishment

Our Promise To You

Truck Refurbishment: Royal has been in business for over
30 years because of our commitment to our customers.

  • Every component will be inspected and replaced or repaired as needed.
  • We do not take any short cuts.
  • Our commitment to quality extends to every component on your truck.
Truck Refurbishment

Truck refurbishment

Save Money &
give your truck a second life

Reconditioning and refurbishing involves repairing, or rebuilding your current truck. A good truck refurbishment job can extend the life of your truck up to ten years! Royal Truck & Equipment offers a cost savings refurbishing solution that gives those older trucks new life. Whether it’s just replacing a few parts, or a total ground-up recondition, Royal offers different options to restore your old truck to like new again…without the new truck price tag. Royal’s Service Center provide major overhauls as well as minor cosmetic repairs for all makes and models, including competitive truck bodies. Royal understands that every refurb job is different, and handles each job separately according to the specific needs of our customer.

Royal has over 34 years of extensive experience refurbishing used chassis to extend the lifetime of a truck and provide greater return on investment for the customer. Refurbishing used trucks provides significant cost savings over purchasing a brand new chassis, and can extend the life of the truck by more than a decade when done properly; in many cases doubling the original lifespan of the truck.

Royal Truck & Equipment specializes in reconditioning and refurbishing:

  • TMA / Attenuator Trucks
  • Cone Safety / Pattern Trucks
  • Stake / Flatbed Trucks
  • Forestry / Landscape / Chipper Trucks
  • Grapple / K-Boom Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Salt Trucks
  • Hooklift Trucks

Our Process:

1. Cab & Chassis

Royal spends several hours checking a truck in and determining the amount of work necessary to fully recondition the entire vehicle.

  • Evaluation of all mechanical components and cab portion of the body
  • Mechanical maintenance tests performed to determine necessary repairs
  • Replacement parts ordered and a detailed service plan developed

Royal spends an average of 12 hours preparing the cab and chassis for reconditioning. The process begins by steam washing the entire truck, removing years of built up grease, dirt, and oil from the frame, engine bay, and all moving parts. Damaged seats, dashboards, and headliners are pulled to be repaired or replaced.

2. Body

  • Royal will evaluate the condition of the body for repair or replacement
  • If repair is possible, Royal will advise what specific repairs and refurbishing will be necessary
  • If replacement is recommended, Royal will provide an estimated cost for the replacement
  • All body and component work connected to the body will follow a nearly identical process to the cab & chassis outline provided
  • After the cab and chassis have been cleaned of all grease and dirt, the chassis will go through Royal’s detail department where all rust is removed via heavy sanding and sandblasting. The frame is prepped for undercoating and all metal surfaces are cleaned, primed, and painted to protect against future rusting
  • Detail work as needed:
    • Repair any cab dents, cracked fiberglass or scratches, replace damaged grills, bezels, mirrors and lights.
    • Wet sand and buff the cab or complete and entire repainting in the case of a color change.
    • Clean, sand, prime, and paint wheels, steps, fuel tanks, and air tanks.
    • Wire wheel, prime, & undercoat springs and frame inside & out.
    • Sand, prime, & paint entire engine including oil pan. Final application includes spraying protective coating over entire engine
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM Service)
  • Install any parts ordered at check-in and address any additional items exposed by wet work; including repairs of any engine or transmission leaks. Change oil and filter, change fuel and transmission filter, check and change air filter if needed, grease chassis and check fluid levels.
  • Perform routine service checks
  • Repair damaged mechanicals
  • Perform PA inspection – supersedes Federal DOT Inspection
  • Perform Federal DOT Inspection
  • Complete cosmetic repairs – recover or replace seats, dashboard, headliner, mirrors and brackets
  • Install/ Replace fire extinguisher and triangle kit
  • Apply all safety decals and reflective tape as well as GVWR decal to driver side door
  • Apply Royal’s final stage manufacturer decal as required by 49 CFR part 567 if Royal has made alterations or significant changes to the body or functionality of the truck