Royal Traffic Control Truck

1| Rear Man Basket

  • Dimensions: 96″ wide, 34″ deep, 52″ high

2| Powder Coated Removable Steel Racks

  • 36″ or 48″ high removable racks

3| Swing Gates

  • Easy to open swing gates provide more space to work out of man buckets

4| Man Buckets

  • Available in Single-Wide: 26″ deep, 33″ wide, 34.5″ tall

  • Available in Double-Wide: 26″ deep, 60″ wide, 34.5″ tall

5| Non-Skid Deck

  • Deck coated with anti-skid grip paint and non-slip safety decals

6| Arrow Board

  • Mounted behind the cab, Hydraulically raised and lowered

  • Available with 15 or 25 LED lamps

7| LED Strobes & Work Lights

  • 2 Low-profile LED strobes on bulkhead, 2 Rear mounted strobes, 10 LED work lights

8| Side Lift Gate

  • When space parameters on the truck allow, the tuck away side lift gate allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment onto the job site, thus preventing workplace back injuries.

9| Solar Panel

  • Provides power to the arrow board

  • Mounted specifically to allow for full sun exposure and prevents operator damage

10| Step Bumper

  • In place of a man basket, the step bumper can be affixed using the quick connect system.

11| Step Ladder

  • With the optional step ladder added, workers can easily access the bed of the truck by utilizing the swing gates.

Royal Traffic Control Truck


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