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Royal Traffic Control Truck with Aluminum Body

*| Aluminum Body Option

Why choose an aluminum body? First and foremost, it is corrosion-resistant. This allows the body to stand the test of time when dealing with corrosive materials, such as road salt.

Additionally, aluminum is extremely light weight, compared to other metals a truck body could be made up of. By being light in weight, aluminum truck bodies allow for you to increase your payload when in use, and ultimately, also save on fuel costs.

Cone Safety Truck –
Pattern Truck

Safety in the work zone is our passion and our obsession at Royal Truck & Equipment. Throughout the years, we have been combining safety with functionality… and a great example is our cone safety truck. We design this pattern truck to offer a safe and efficient way to transport cones, barrels, signs and much more! Our cone safety trucks also offer a safe and easy way to pickup and drop cones within a closed work zone. Like all of our body designs, this one is modular with many add-on features available, such as LED light upgrades, camera systems, fleet management systems, racks, man baskets, and attenuators so that you can get the most out of your fleet.

Cone Truck