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As many of you know, we have begun 2019 by traveling to and exhibiting at many of the largest trade shows that the industry has to offer. Some of these trades shows include World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada, ATSSA’s 49th Annual Convention and Traffic Expo in Tampa, Florida, and World of Asphalt in Indianapolis, Indiana. While many of you were able to visit our booth at one of these shows, many were not. If you were unable to visit us, we would like to take this time to share all of our latest trucks and safety products that we showcased for you to see!


At World of Concrete and World of Asphalt, we displayed a 2019 Hino 338 TMA truck equipped with Verdegro’s BLADE TMA. For those who don’t know, the BLADE is one of the two currently MASH approved truck-mounted attenuators on the market today. Not only has it been proven to be one of the safest TMAs currently available, but it also has the added benefit of storing entirely vertically. As the industry’s only MASH approved vertical storage solution, the BLADE allows you to utilize the truck’s entire deck space in order to transport traffic control equipment to and from your operations.

For more information on the BLADE truck mounted attenuator, please read our entire blog on the TMA’s specifications and benefits.

Other than the BLADE, this TMA truck that was showcased came fully loaded with all of our other innovative add-ons, including:
• Powder Coated Steel Racks
• Double Wide Man Buckets with Adjustable Safety Bars
• 15 Light LED Arrow Board
• Full Matrix Message & Radar Board
• Royal’s Technology Package
• Smart Truck Mounted Generator
• LED Work Lights & Strobes
• And More!

Click here to learn more about Royal’s TMA trucks and to see a full inventory listing!

Traffic Control Trucks

At the first few trade shows of the year we showcased two very unique traffic control trucks! While both trucks were 2018 Isuzu NPRs, these trucks’ bodies significantly differed.

The first of the two traffic control trucks, showcased at the ATSSA Expo, has a 15-foot steel body and featured many of Royal’s latest safety innovations, including:
• 15 LED Light Arrow Board
• Dual Side Man Buckets with Adjustable Safety Bars
• Detachable Rear Man Basket
• Optional Rear Step Bumper Add-On
• Under-the Bed Tool Box
• Powder Coated Steel Racks

To see a demo of a similar truck, please watch the video above to see a full 360° demonstration of it!

While the second traffic control truck has all of the same features, it has one noticeable difference: an aluminum body! Royal debuted this aluminum body truck at World of Asphalt and it proved to be extremely popular amongst many contractors.

So, why would you want an aluminum body on your traffic control truck? The two main benefits of this are:

  1. Increase Your Payload.
    Aluminum is almost one-third the weight of steel, which is 2.5 times denser. This translates into a lighter truck which allows you to significantly increase your truck’s carrying capacity without going over the truck’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).
  2. Anti-Corrosive Properties
    By its nature, aluminum is rust-proof and corrosion resistant. In terms of on your truck’s body, aluminum can add to its useful life. In areas of the country where corrosion is much more likely, namely the Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes, and New England regions of the US, an aluminum truck body can prove to be extremely beneficial for your company.

Virtual Reality Training Experience

At each of these trade shows, Royal has debuted our newest, and perhaps most useful, virtual reality training experience. With this training program, referred to as the “Table Top Traffic Control Training Experience”, a user is able to fully replicate a real-life traffic control plan in a scaled table top environment. At the end of the experience, a user can then be graded on how well they were able to set up the work zone in accordance with the traffic control plan.

Watch a demonstration of the Traffic Control Training Experience in the video above.

Simply, this training program has the ability to completely revolutionize the way your company prepares your employees for the dangers of the highway work zone. If a work zone is set up improperly in the real world, the already dangerous environment gets escalated into one where it is incredibly unsafe for passing motorists and the work crew alike. Mistakes in the design of the work zone often lead to fatal outcomes. By utilizing this new virtual reality experience, which can be fully customized to your state’s applicable traffic control plans, you can ensure each of your employees is fully knowledgeable of and can flawlessly execute the desired traffic control plan virtually before they ever get into a real-life work zone.

Learn about all the benefits of using virtual reality training programs here!

Other Royal Innovative Solutions Safety Products

As a sister company of Royal Truck & Equipment, Royal Innovative Solutions is home to all innovative products designed to enhance work zone safety. Here are just some of the individual products that were featured along with the trucks at each of the trade shows to start the year!

Speak Easy Communication Solutions Headsets

With effective communication being essential to an operation’s success as well as the safety of the workers, Speak Easy Communication Solutions headsets offer a wireless, hands-free solution for your work zones. With several different styles, these cost-effective headsets will significantly improve safety in your work zones while also being uniquely fit for your operations.

To learn more about the headsets, watch our video covering them! Also, be on the lookout for an update to the systems coming in the near future!

Illumagear Halo Light

If your company does nighttime operations, the Illumagear Halo Light can be an immediate safety improvement for your workers in the zone. The lights can attach to many of the most popular hardhats on the market today and serve the purpose of not only being a task light but also an individual safety light, allowing each worker to be spotted up to a ¼ mile away by oncoming traffic.

Watch the above video to see a demonstration of the product!

Smart Truck Mounted Generator

Royal’s smart truck mounted generator solves the problem of truck engine idling and unnecessary DPF regeneration! Watch the video below to learn about how many engine hours and fuel consumption expenses your company can save by equipping Royal’s smart truck mounted generator on your truck!

Upcoming Shows

If you were unable to attend any of these trade shows but want to see a Royal truck in person, you still have several opportunities this year! Royal will be exhibiting at:

  1. NTEA Work Truck Show
    At this show, happening on March 6-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Royal will be showcasing our smart truck mounted generator at our booth (#5606)! In addition, if you travel to M.H. EBY Inc.’s booth (#4159), you can see our 2018 Isuzu NPR aluminum-bodied traffic control truck displayed there! Click here to see the show’s floor plan!
  2. ICUEE
    At the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition, also known as ICUEE, Royal will once again be showcasing our 2019 Hino 338 TMA truck equipped with Verdegro’s BLADE TMA. This show will be occurring on October 1-3 in Louisville, Kentucky. Click here to see a floor plan and where you can find us at the show (booth #2940) .


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If you were able to visit us at any of the trade shows in the beginning of 2019, we hope the experience was as valuable to you as it was to us! With all the new and innovative trucks and safety products being debuted, make sure to say on the lookout for where we will be exhibiting at next!

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