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TMA Trucks Save Lives

TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator) trucks are built to save lives. These trucks are intended to absorb the impact of a high (or low) speed crash. Traditionally, they’ve been used to protect construction workers in highway work zones by acting as a barrier between workers and the traveling public. They’re engineered to decrease damage to the vehicle, prevent the worker from being struck, and absorb impact to take the force off of the impacting driver. In fact, most drivers walk away uninjured from a TMA crash even at speeds as high as 60mph!

While these trucks have become a requirement for work zones according to regulation in many states across the U.S., they’re just now being recognized for their potential to protect and save lives in traffic incident management. We’re proud to take part in this new movement to protect first responders.

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We’re excited and honored to support our towing customers in our shared mission of keeping workers safe.

Null’s Towing has been deploying a TMA truck to protect their tow operators as well as leveraging connected technology for their tow trucks which alerts the traveling public of activity in the area via GPS apps like Waze and Google Maps.

Yocum Towing has been deploying an ERTMA (Emergency Response TMA) truck to not only protect their crew but also haul necessary equipment to the incident site.  The truck is equipped with a message and radar board and connected technology that also alerts drivers of activity in the area but also lets them know in which direction to merge.

For more information about Null’s Towing, please visit their website at nullstowing.com

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The ConnectedTech™ Hazard Light Kit is a device that wires directly into your existing hazard lights and, when the lights are on, transmits GPS location to drivers.  The device can be used with any vehicle that has hazard lights including tow trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, and law enforcement vehicles. The kit is one of several ConnectedTech products offered through our sister company, Royal Innovative Solutions.

The truck-mounted Generator solves the problem of truck engine idling and unnecessary DPF regeneration while also keeping the battery at full capacity so your lights are always at full brightness. The A/C outlets provide power to plug in tools, lights, and other equipment.

For more information about these products, please visit RoyalInnovativeSolutions.com

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