TMA Truck – Truck Mounted Attenuator Truck

What is the The TMA Truck?

A TMA Truck is designed to save lives in your work zone. All of our TMA trucks for sale are built to meet all work zone safety requirements, is intended to absorb the impact of a high (or low) speed crash, decrease damage made to the vehicle, and save workers’ lives. We are proud of every truck we build. See all of our attenuator trucks for sale today!

Over the years, we have learned to never settle for a design. Royal is committed to constant improvement, which means our best truck is always the next one we build. Today, Royal’s TMA Truck is considered the model design. We have been fortunate to earn this title through years of engineering our customer feedback right into our custom-built models. Thank you for keeping us at the forefront of this market.

Build Your Own

TMA Truck – Truck Mounted Attenuator Truck

Custom Traffic Control Truck

Cab & Chassis

  • Hino + $66500

  • Ford + $0

  • Freightliner + $0

  • International + $0


  • Scorpion + $0

  • Blade + $0

  • Basket + $0


  • 36 Inch + $0

  • 48 inch + $0

Man Buckets

  • Single + $0

  • Double Wide + $0

Sign Cages

  • Single + $0

  • Double + $0


  • Generator + $0

  • Barrel Rack + $0

Total Price


Base Price $0 + Cab & Chassis $66500 + Attenuator $0

TMA1 Truck

Royal Attenuator Trucks for Sale


  • Custom built steel flatbed with heavy duty bulkhead, LED marker lights and black non-skid deck
  • 2 Low-profile (Amber) LED strobes on bulkhead, 2 rear mounted strobes
  • Truck mounted attenuator meets NCHRP 350 at 100kph (62mph), Testing standards available upon request, Your choice of a new MASH approved unit
  • 15 or 25 LED lamp arrow board, fixed or hydraulically raised & lowered, solar panel charging system with battery and cab-mounted remote (Solar for arrow board only)
  • To keep a modular design, blanks are added to allow for future man bucket installations.
  • Equipped with rubrails and stake pockets for future racks
  • 2 Back-up cameras with 7” LCD monitor, audio, 3 Video inputs, Durable outdoor cameras with audio and cables (1 year warranty)
  • Choice of body length: 15′, 18′, other body lengths available upon request

TMA3 Truck


  • All TMA1 features plus the additional features below
  • (2) Side 33″ wide man buckets with steps, Heavy duty lids, Swing gates, Props and Adjustable safety hoop
  • 8 Additional LED work lights (6 under-the-bed, 2 on bulkhead)
  • Custom fabricated 36″ high removable racks – Powder coated yellow
  • Choice of body length: 15′, 18′ or custom
Royal TMA Truck

TMA4 Truck

Royal TMA Trucks for Sale


  • All TMA3 features plus the additional features below
  • (2) Side 60″ wide man buckets with steps, HD lids, Swing gates, Props, Adjustable safety hoop and locking toolbox
  • Minimum body length: 18′, extended body lengths available upon request
Jason Grimmer of Northeast TreeWorx
Jason Grimmer
Northeast TreeWorx,

"Ten years ago we came here and our truck is still in service today. You guys are fantastic, easy to work with, you'll customize things. Anything I wanted done you guys were all about it and made it happen for me!"

Gary Spillane
Gary Spillane
Atlantic Building Products, Inc.,

"Royal Truck and Equipment is all we could want in a manufacturer. They were direct, efficient, and pleasant. These qualities will surely have me recommending, and using Royal for all my future purchases."

Jim Hoffman
Jim Hoffman
New Jersey Fence & Guardrail, Inc.,

"The truck looks great. Thank you for doing such a great job. Royal Truck and all the employees went above and beyond what was expected. Your attention to detail is much appreciated, and will keep me coming back years to come. I recommend Royal Truck and Equipment."

Al Bolca
Al Bolca
A & Z Siding Construction,

"The Truck I bought from Royal has been excellent. What made me buy is 100% because of your sales person. Friendly, and honest...all over a good person, and did not pressure the buyer. I will gladly recommend Royal to anyone."


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