We offer a variety of optional equipment and upgrades for your TMA and traffic control trucks including racks, sign cages, storage, generators, and connected technology to make your work zone operations more efficient while keeping your workers safer.


Designed to allow for easier deployment or retrieval of traffic control equipment and include our proprietary height-adjustable safety hoops and swing gates.

Single: 33”W x 24”D x 34.5”H  |  Double: 60”W x 24”D x 34.5”H


Our removable racks are built with powder coated heavy duty 16-gauge steel racks with heavy duty 12-gauge steel posts.  Proprietary spring-loaded latch and bolt system ensures racks are locked into place when in use.



The over-cab barrel rack holds up to 60 barrels and frees up usable deck space.

*Requires 10,000lbs minimum front axle


Our sign cage is welded to the bulkhead, unlike other’s builds, to prevent the potential of projectiles in an accident.  Each side has two swing doors that lock to ensure equipment is fully secured.

Options: full or half size (both sizes fit 4′ x 8′ signs)


Our under-the-bed tool/storage box provides additional secured storage space to prevent theft of expensive equipment that needs to be kept with the truck.

Options: Most popular sizes are 2′, 3′ and 4′ however any size can be configured depending on the truck size and model.


The RigMaster truck-mounted generator reduces engine wear and tear, fuel consumption, and solves the problem of truck engine idling and unneccessary DPF regeneration by charging the truck’s battery.  The generator also powers truck equipment including the arrow board and attenuator.



The Connected Arrow Board Kit turns your arrow board into a real-time beacon that transmits the work zone location to GPS apps like Waze, Google Maps, and TomTom.  The kit can be added to any existing arrow board and comes standard on all new Royal trucks when equipped with an arrow board.

Through our sister company, Royal Innovative Solutions, you can also find additional connected products including Connected Flagging Batons, Connect Hazard Light Kits, and the iPin – all designed to provide drivers with more advance notice of any changes in traffic up ahead.


Our radar board displays live speed of traffic and “slow down” when speeding occurs.  The mini messenger board displays a scrolling text feed with preset messages or easily update with your own messages.

The full matrix message board is a 3′ x 5′ board that displays the speed limit and the approaching driver’s speed.  The board is fully programmable with messages and graphics.

Both boards can be integrated with our DVR system to capture and overlay speed on recorded footage, which assists with accident liability.


The  DVR recording system allows for simultaneous work zone area and in-cab recording to mitigate liability claims and aid in accident investigation.  The system includes a secured black box with solid-state hard drive and backup SD card.  Locks in footage for 15 minutes before and after a work zone collision.

Options: up to 12 cameras  |  live-streaming capabilities with upgrade


Through our sister company, Royal Innovative Solutions, we offer award-winning VR Training programs offer workers the ability to train for real-life scenarios from the safety of an office in a format that is engaging, portable, and consistent.  Programs are personalized to your company including uniforms, logos, traffic control plans, and even terrain.  VR is a proven and effective way to train new hires, retrain existing workers, and evaluate job candidates.