Optional Equipment

Upfit equipment designed to improve safety and maximize efficiency in your work zone operations.

Crash Protection

Scorpion TMA

The MASH approved TrafFix Scorpion II TMA TL-3 is rated for 62.5mph/100kph, making it ideal for highway work zones with posted speed limits of 65mph or less. With a 12’ 10” deployed length and 10’ 6” stow height, this model is best suited for TMA trucks with longer bed lengths.

Metro TMA

The Scorpion II Metro is the only TL-2 Plus (50 mph / 80 kph) TMA that is MASH Tested, Passed and Eligible. With its short length (only 8 ft) and a vertical storage height of approximately 11ft, the Metro TMA is ideal for cities, counties, and urban districts with posted speeds of 50 mph (80 kph) or less.


This TrafFix mounting system is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to connect a Scorpion TMA to your truck. The system also gives you the flexibility to swap your TMA with a man basket.


Barrel Basket

Specifically designed for barrel deployment, this heavy duty man basket offers a solid 12-gauge platform, 36”H fixed safety railing, safety drop bar for 3 points of contact, and safety lighting. Bolt-on or removable with hydraulic option. Measures 96”W x 38”L x 40”H

Light Duty Basket

Raise the bar on safety with our cone deployment basket designed for pickup trucks. Features solid 12-gauge platform, 36”H fixed safety railing, 32”H swing doors with spring-loaded latch pins, safety lighting, and integrated camera. Measures 79.9”W x 43.5”L x 41”H

Standard Basket

Our heavy duty powder-coated man basket features 2 hinged side entry gates with adjustable safety hoop, rear drop gate, 2 steps for easy deck entry, and integrated hitch receiver for arrow board towing.

Broom & Blower

Easily clear debris and prep road surfaces for line striping. Upfit package features a 36" rotary angle broom and 2 extendable turbine blowers that rotate 360 degrees. Available as an add-on to our TMA1 or Side Dump TMA.

33" Man Bucket

Our patented man bucket includes a hinged swing gate with adjustable safety hoop, LED light, drain holes, and heavy gauge metal lid that locks into place when in use.

60" Man Bucket

Nearly double the width of our 33" man bucket, the 60" bucket also provides an extra step to the deck (allowing for more efficiency when handling traffic control equipment) and underbody lockable toolboxes.

Loading & Entry

Rear Lift Gate

Save time and reduce back injuries with a rear lift gate that allows for easy loading/unloading of heavy equipment. Works well with shorter bodied trucks that may not have the space needed for a side lift gate.Power options: hydraulic, electric

Side Lift Gate

Add a side lift gate to your truck to make loading/unloading traffic control equipment on the truck bed faster, easier, and safer. Recommended for longer length truck bodies. Power options: hydraulic, electric

Step Bumper

The powder-coated heavy duty step bumper makes it easier and safer to load and unload equipment and is ideal for use with our traffic control trucks. Includes integrated hitch receiver for arrow board towing.


Add a ladder to your build to give your crews a safer way to get on and off the truck bed. Available as retractable, which stores beneath the truck bed, or fixed/bolt-on. Both options are built using heavy duty steel for added support.


Depending on your truck build and body length, steps can be added and are completely customized to meet your specifications including length, width, depth, color, and placement/position on the vehicle.

Grab Handle

Every truck we build includes a removable grab handle – ensuring 3 points of contact – which reduces the risk of accidents and injuries when entering and exiting the deck of the truck.


Sign Cages

Our sign cages are welded to the bulkhead for a solid connection and include 2 swing doors that lock to ensure equipment is fully secured. Size options: full or half size (both sizes fit 4′ x 8′ signs)


Our under-the-bed toolbox provides secured storage to prevent theft of expensive equipment. Size options: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft (depends on truck size and model)

Barrel Rack System

This patented over-the-cab barrel rack system holds up to 60 barrels to free up deck space on the bed (requires 10,000 min. front axle). Color options: can be powder coated in any custom color


Our heavy duty steel removable racks are ideal for trucks that are used for transporting large amounts of barrels, cones, and signs as added protection to reduce the risk of projectiles in an impact. Size options: standard 36"H, upgrade to 48"H, or customize size


Balloon Light

Self-inflates in approx. 2 minutes and distributes 360° of glare- free light up to 30,000sq ft. Wind resistant, flame-retardant, and can be used free-standing or truck-mounted.

Light Packages

While each truck we build includes safety lighting – from ambers and strobes to underbody mounted work lights – we also offer custom light packages from Federal, Whelan, and other manufacturers that can be tailored to meet your specifications.

AC Power Inverter

This upgrade allows you to add an AC power outlet in the cab of the truck that can be used to power or charge your devices and equipment.



Power your equipment, charge your truck’s battery, and eliminate engine idling and unnecessary DPF regeneration. Reduces fuel consumption and engine wear and tear. Diesel DC Only, Diesel AC/DC


This upgrade allows you to add an AC power outlet in the cab of the truck that can be used to power or charge your devices and equipment.

Balloon Light

Self-inflates in approx. 1 minute and distributes 360° of glare-free light up to 30,000sq ft. Wind resistant, flame-retardant, and can be used free-standing or truck-mounted.

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