Side Dump TMA

Turn safety on its side.

A new angle on sweeping operations: side tilt body for safer offloading and TMA with arrow board for worker protection.

Standard Features

  • Chassis: OEM new, customer supplied, or Royal reconditioned
  • 15-lamp LED solar powered arrow board
  • 2 backup cameras with 7” monitor
  • MASH approved attenuator
  • One-touch TMA/arrow board deployment
  • In-cab controls mounted ergonomically for easy operation and minimal distraction
  • Modular design for easy maintenance and service

Side Dump Platform

  • 12' dual direction side dump body
  • Capacity: 8.1 cubic yard waterfall/11.1 cubic yard heaped
  • Electric power folding tarp with limit switch
  • 6ft flatbed platform

Tech Upgrades

  • Upgraded camera systems
  • Radar & message boards
  • Driver warning systems

Broom and Blower Package

Clear road obstacles for safer striping operations.
Can also be added to TMA1.

Sweeper Features

  • 36” rotary angle broom
  • Two-speed control based on power unit
  • Adjustment (slide left/slide right, up/down, angle left/angle right)
  • Quick change wafer core

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Deutz high-torque power unit (4 cylinder diesel water-cooled engine with 388 foot pounds of torque and 74 horsepower at 2300 rpm)
  • EPA tier 4 final certified, D.O.C. only (open type)
  • High capacity 100 gallon hydraulic oil tank with a 10 micron hydraulic oil filter
  • DEF free

Turbine Blowers

  • Fixed blower with adjustable nozzle direction (standard)
  • Dual camera to verify nozzle direction (standard)
  • Two-speed control based on power unit (standard)
  • 24" extensions (upgrade option)
  • Continuously variable speed controls (upgrade option)

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