Royal Side Dump Truck


Improve sweeping operations with the Side Dump TMA Truck. In many states, TMA trucks are required in street sweeping operations to provide protection for the street sweeper truck and the dump truck. The Side Dump TMA eliminates the need for the third truck with an attached MASH approved attenuator for protection while allowing workers to easily dump debris from the sweeper truck into the side dump body.

  • SmithCo Side Dump can dump to either side of the body
  • Scorpion TL-3 MASH Approved Attenuator (tested to 62.5 mph/100km-h)
  • Hydraulic Arrow Board
  • Enclosed Flatbed with Swing Racks
  • Optional Sign Cage

Enjoy faster cycle times, increased efficiency, and worker protection… all packaged in a sleek body built to the highest safety standards in the industry.


Check out the industry’s toughest dump truck build.

The Industry’s Toughest TMA Dump Truck

A TMA Truck is designed to saves lives in your work zone. Every roadway construction zone should have one. However, we understand you need your dump truck, to be a dump truck! It’s not always practical, and it’s never safe, to utilize a common dump truck as a shadow vehicle. Royal Truck & Equipment’s TMA Dump Truck is built to meet all work zone safety requirements. It’s intended to absorb the impact of a high (or low) speed crash, decreases damage to the vehicle, and save workers’ lives.

Royal Truck & Equipment has listened to the market, and that’s why we built the industry’s toughest TMA Dump Truck! Now, companies, municipalities, and public works organizations can, Using TrafFix Fast-Trak SwiftConnect System, quickly disconnect the attenuator and use the dump truck in less than 5 minutes.

TMA Dump Truck

A Dump Truck is Not a Crash Cushion

Parking a regular dump truck before a work zone is a scary sight. It’s a common practice that Royal is fighting to raise awareness about. Dump trucks are built to handle heavy loads, not absorb g-force impact. Imagine someone coming home from a long night shift in the early morning and falls asleep at the wheel. crashing into the coffin corner of a dump truck could leave devastating results. Unlike a regular dump truck, without a crash cushion, Royal’s TMA Dump Truck protects the work zone as well as the distracted driver.

Remove the TMA and hook it up again in the same amount of time. TWO trucks for the price of one… genius!


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