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According to the Federal Highway Administration, an average of approximately 750 people died per year in work zones across the Unites States from 1982 through 2014.  Needless to say, this shocking figure makes working in highway work zones one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.  While a properly built TMA truck increases safety, the technology on the truck can vastly improve your workers’ safety while on the job.

If safety is your company’s priority, adding technology to your TMA truck can increase just that in your operations.  Here are the top technological products that your TMA truck can have that will increase safety in your work zones.

Radar Board

The first piece of technology that you can put on your TMA truck is a full matrix radar board.  Why will it make your work zone safer? It is as simple as when people see how fast they are traveling, they subsequently slow down. In work zones, the higher the speed, the more dangerous the situation.  In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration, speeding was a factor in 28% of all fatal work zone crashes in 2014.

The full matrix radar board allows you to track and display oncoming traffic’s current speed alongside the posted speed limit.  This has been proven to have a significant effect in slowing down traffic. In a study done by Mark Joerger, Senior Research Analyst for Oregon Department of Transportation, entitled “Photo Radar Speed Enforcement In A State Highway Work Zone”, it was noted that when there was a radar board in the work zone, “the average reduction in vehicles traveling faster than 45 MPH in same-hour comparison is 23.7%.”

Hour-over-hour comparison of the percent of traffic over the speed limit with and without a radar board in the zone.  As you can see, with the radar board present, the percent of speeding traffic significantly decreases.

Because of the nature of its build, the full matrix radar board also allows you to display messages along with the speed displays.  While you can input any message you want to be displayed, several messages frequently used are:

  • “Move Left”
  • “Move Right”
  • “Live Recording”

Being a full matrix display, you can also draw signs, such as a detour sign, to be displayed on the board.  These can be drawn through a computer application or even on your phone and sent via Bluetooth to the board itself.

To learn more about what all the full matrix radar board can do, please watch the episode of TMA Trucks A to Z entirely devoted to the subject, from discussions over its capabilities to an interview with its manufacturer.

 The Mobile Safety System

The next piece of technology that can increase safety in your work zone is the mobile safety system, comprised of a camera and DVR recording system.

In recent years, it is not an if but a when your TMA truck will be hit in a work zone.  In fact, according again to the Federal Highway Administration, a crash happened in a work zone every 5.4 minutes nationally.

In this scenario, having a camera and DVR recording system on your TMA truck will significantly reduce your company’s liability.  Why should you need to rely on a witness to determine liability in the case of a crash, when you can document the entire scenario on video?

With this system, you can place five cameras in and around your TMA truck set to record everything that is occurring.  These cameras can record in 1080p resolution, meaning the footage recorded is clear enough to easily watch.

Watch the above video to see real footage taken from the camera system on several different TMA trucks.

The DVR recording system that records the footage taken from the cameras is stored on a solid-state hard drive in a Pelican Case, meaning that it is safely stored and contained in the event of a crash.

An additional benefit of having both the radar board and the mobile safety system is their ability to integrate.  With both on your truck, you have the ability to overlay the speed of the traffic, as displayed on the radar board, on the footage captured by the cameras.  Why is this useful? Because in the event of a crash, having the speed of the offending vehicles can help decrease your company’s liability in the situation.


Adding technology to your TMA truck has the ability to increase the safety in your work zones while also decreasing your company’s liability in the event of a crash.

Having a full matrix message board allows your work crew to display oncoming traffic’s current speed traveling through the work zone.  Because speed is a significant factor in work zone crashes, having a radar board on your TMA truck to help decrease travelers’ speed is an essential step to increasing work zone safety.

An additional piece of technology that can make your work zones safer and decrease your company’s liability is a camera package and DVR recording system for your TMA truck. This allows you to record everything that is happening in and around your truck.  In the event of a crash, the DVR recording system has all the footage, from several angles, captured, showing you exactly what happened to cause the crash.

Finally, when these two pieces of technology are used in unison, they become even more powerful.  With both pieces of technology installed on your truck, you can overlay the speed displayed on the radar board on the footage captured by the camera system, which gives you full insight on the conditions of the work zone.

Adding these pieces of technology to your TMA truck will only benefit your company.  To learn more about each piece of technology discussed, click here to read more about their specifications and to watch more videos on the subjects.

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