Samantha Schwartz
Marketing & Business Development Manager

3I’m passionate about marketing, branding, inspiring, motivating, and supporting others to do the work they want to do in order to live the life they want.

An entrepreneur at heart, brand enthusiast, speaker, thinker, creator, doer, and an intensely dedicated & energetic marketing professional .Extensive background in building & maintaining relationships with current and prospective clients, and aligning marketing and sales company strategies for best results.

Extremely versatile with the ability to successfully handle and complete multiple projects at a faster than average pace. Excellent communication and presentation skills with the natural ability to convey ideas.

I examine life through a “less restricted” lens, and am skilled in delivering a great client/customer experience, creating brand awareness internally and externally, managing company philanthropy efforts, and helping build businesses’ social media networks.

  • Position Marketing & Business Development Manager