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The work zone is already a place littered with hazards, don't let surveyor equipment theft be one of them. This type of theft can transpire in the blink of an eye, as said theft usually occurs in under two minutes, taken in the "grab and go" style. To combat the loss of around $4,000 and up in under two minutes, Royal is proud to distribute these J.E. White Products specifically designed to secure and prevent the theft of your GPS and machine control equipment.

GPS Post Mount Base Station

*Also available as GPS Base Station Mount, which mounts to a concrete barrier.
Prevents the theft of your GPS Receiver Base Station, Battery, Zephyr, and Radio Antenna.
*Designed for Trimble but compatible with other GPS Receivers with a 5/8 inch thread embedded in Equipment Base
*Designed for Trimble GPS base Station, but compatible with others with where Tri Bracket is used

  • Several Built In Redundant Safety Features
  • Telescopic, Stainless Stell Mast
  • Mounts to Post or Barrier Wall (4x4 post)
  • Comes with Antenna Mount

Robotic Total Station Mount

Protects: Robotic Total Station

  • Also available in Wall Mount
  • Replaces Tripod, Has 38 Degrees of Roll to Compensate for Ground Level
  • Telescopic, Stainless Stell Mast
  • Uses a Tri bracket (Protected by Shield)

Security Collar and Padlockable Collar Kit

Protects: GPS Receiver
This kit contains one security collar and two pad lockable collars. Inventor Frank White states, "I like to use a combination of stainless steel shackle locks and bolts on the collars; Forcing the would-be thief to find an easier target and one that's less time consuming."

  • The security collar, as shown in the picture, when installed completely covers the ratchet handle of the receiver on the mount assembly.
  • The Pad Lockable Collars used with the Security Collars are installed on the GPS receiver mounted on the mast. The mounting bolts on the mast system are installed through the collar's and tightened down. A stainless-steel shackle lock is installed preventing access to the mounting bolts.
  • Dual Combination of Steel Shackle Locks and Bolts

Radio Collar

Protects: Radios

  • Secures Radio Equipment
  • Custom Sizes to Protect Different Pieces of Equipment

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