Incident Response Vehicle

The only protection vehicle built in response to TIM safety issues.

First of its kind, with features uniquely designed to handle the specific challenges of traffic incident management.

Standard Features

  • Chassis: OEM new, customer supplied, or Royal reconditioned
  • 11-gauge solid steel bulkhead integrated with body
  • LED marker and strobe lights
  • 15-lamp LED solar powered arrow board
  • 2 backup cameras with 7” monitor
  • Non-skid coated deck
  • One-touch TMA/arrow board deployment
  • 2 locking underbody toolboxes
  • TrafFix Scorpion II Metro MASH approved attenuator
  • 11' length, 84" width body

Special Features

  • Configurable compartments with rollup doors
  • Lowered cone basket for ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Aggregate hopper integrated into the body
  • Compartment mounted tools/toolboxes
  • 50’ hose reel provides power to air tools or tire inflation
  • Push bumper
  • Electric winch
  • Inverter for battery tool charging
  • Balloon light with configurable mounting points
  • Anderson plugs located at vehicle corners
  • Heavy-duty jumper cables

Tech Upgrades

  • Upgraded camera systems
  • Radar & message boards
  • Driver warning systems

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