Royal is a Certified Scorpion Master Distributor

What is the importance of being certified?

At the heart of Royal's mission, we believe "safety first"....always. Providing adequate and properly built or repaired protection in the form of an Attenuator Crash Truck can be one of the most important things a company does for its workers and the driving public. Royal is the largest certified installation and repair facility for Traffix Devices Scorpion Attenuators in the United States, installing and repairing hundreds of TMAs every year.

According to MUTCD standards, Attenuators are to be installed and used in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and requirements. Any repair or installation of a Scorpion Attenuator must be done by an approved and certified installer to be considered “crash-worthy”, and in compliance with MUTCD for use in the United States.

Royal is not only certified, but is also a training facility for hands-on experience on how to operate a TMA Truck, a Scorpion Attenuator, and many other traffic safety related products.

The Facts:

  • After your attenuator is hit, it needs to be "recertified" before it gets back on the road
  • If your attenuator is not installed by a certified facility, you could be adding unneccessary liability to your work zone
  • A TMA Truck must weigh 20,000 lbs to be a MUTCD recommended "safe" TMA Truck: your truck should withstand the g-force of a tractor trailer crash
  • Good welding is one of the most important factors when your attenuator is attached to your truck
  • Different attenuators have different levels of certification - Royal Truck & Equipment currently only installs Scorpion Attenuators on their trucks

Are You Looking for a Free Attenuator Inspection?

Royal Truck & Equipment will inspect your truck's attenuator for free. You can either send in photos, or bring it to our facility in Coopersburg, PA. Within a matter of days, you will receive a full audit of the safety of your current attenuator, and an analysis of next steps. Royal Truck accepts TMA Trucks that have different attenuators, and that were not built at our facility. Fill out the form below, or call 855-202-7129 today.

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