Not sure if you are managing your fleet to its maximum potential? The Hooklift Truck by Royal Truck and Equipment will allow you to reach the fullest potential for your fleet. This truck is one truck body capable of having multiple bed attachments. The Hook N’ Go design allows for a complete re-purpose of the truck while allowing you to save money. Adding this truck to your fleet will save you capital in the future while expanding the power of the fleet. This truck has a revolutionary design that will allow for complete customization for any specific job needed!

Fleet Optimization

As a manager you are always looking for the best way to reduce the cost of your fleet. In most cases you have one truck for each different job, this isn’t utilizing your fleet to its max potential. Not all your trucks are being used and it’s just wasting money. The Hooklift truck allows you to reduce the size of the fleet because of its versatile quick connect system. The easy to use hydraulic system allows for a quick detach and attach for your specific needs.  Construction Business Owner stated in an article that an estimated fleet of 1,000 units, eliminating 100 units would result in a saving of over $300,000! This shows the advantage of having a Hook N’ Go truck in your fleet!

How the Hooklift Truck Works?

Before attaching your desired bed, there are a few tips to make sure this process is done safely and correctly. There are three main disconnect points you must remove before beginning to detach the bed. These three plugs will be located directly behind the cab of the truck. In case the plugs are not attached or forgotten about, there is a safety quick disconnect system build in to prevent any further damages.

Once this is completed, you must make sure two key steps are done once the driver gets back into the truck. 1. The truck must be in neutral. 2. Check to make sure the breaks are released. Another item to check over is that the air pressure is at 120 PSI, if it is not at 120 PSI, the PTO (Power take-off) will not be able to start. The PTO is a way of transferring power from the engine and transmitting it to another application or attachment. Once all these steps are completed you are ready to replace the body! Check out episode 11 in our YouTube series TMA Trucks A to Z, Hook N’ Go Design for more information!

Hooklift Truck

Hook N’ Go Trucks are starting to become the preferred choice of trucks. The possibilities are endless with these trucks because of the multiple bed options that can be taken on and off the vehicle. This isn’t just a standard body and throwing some rails on it and labeling it as a “Hooklift ready”. We took full control of this build, fully customizing the specifications and geometry of the frame, the capacity of the axles, even down to the hoist we will be using. Doing this allowing for the perfect performance each time and will be the sturdiest truck on the market. Since this truck is highly customized, there will be no concerns of imbalance or safety concerns with the entire truck. It is easy to see why these trucks are increasing in popularity. Check out the Hook N Go Flyer for more information!

Popular Hooklift Body options

The Hooklift Truck has various possible body attachments. These are the three most popular body options that can be attached to the truck.

TMA Body

Royal Truck and Equipment has been known for making the best TMA trucks on the market. This is credited to our adaptations in our designs regarding each customer’s specific needs. The TMA build is equipped with HD steel racks, arrow board, and a scorpion crash attenuator. This body attachment is ensuring safety in every work zone.

Hooklift TMATma Hook N' GO


Cone Safety Body

Safety is our main goal at Royal Truck and Equipment. We are always trying to improve safety ratings from one build to the next truck. This truck combines the features of safety with functionality.  The design of this truck came from the need of finding the best way to transport cones. This is going to be the most productive way to transport cones. This truck has an easy way to collect and drop cones. Like all our other truck builds there are many more customizable features to add onto the truck.

Cone Hooklift


Forestry Body

Searching for a truck that is toughest in the industry? Look no further than the Forestry body offered by Royal. This truck is meant for the roughest conditions, the outdoors don’t stand a chance against this truck. The Forestry truck contains a HD steel body reinforced with angled gussets for extra strength. This addition will prevent bending or denting in the sides of the body. This truck also comes with a HD removable lid for easier access to load larger loads. Our HD steel barn style doors and heavy-duty hoists to ensure we have the strongest cage available. This truck is built to be worked to the max and to be used by the best names in the industry.

Forestry Hook N' GoForestry Hooklift

The Hooklift Truck is the Smart Choice!

This trucks is the most versatile truck on the market. Adding this truck to your fleet will allow you to reduce the size, while getting jobs done. The fast and easy release system allows for a quick attachment and detachment process. This truck allows for attachments of a TMA body, Safety body, Water Tank, Landscape/ Dump, and Forestry body. This truck can do any job you need to get done and will ensure that the crew working will be safe. The quick disconnect system allows you to freely change the bed attachments in a matter of minutes!

If you are trying to maximize the potential of your fleet, get your Hook N’ Go Truck today! Having one truck for each job makes sense, but in the end, it is costing you time and money. This truck combines the elements of multiple trucks allowing you to save money in the long run. This is a game changing innovation, so make the right choice and get your Hooklift Truck today!