Royal Technology Package

The Traffic Control Trio

Royal is committed to innovating and delivering the best TMA truck technology available. We know that automated speed enforcement has proven to reduce motorist speeds. That’s why the Royal Technology Package includes a Mobile DVR, Camera System, and Royal’s 2nd Gen Radar speed sign. This traffic control trio provides work zone recording with the most advanced smart work zone technology to keep you safe on the job.

When it comes to automated speed enforcement, radar board monitors and displays live speeds and interactive Slow Down messages, effectively reducing speeding motorist. As a variable message sign, you can program any custom message. The best part? All the speeds are overlaid on the mobile DVR with the camera footage. In the event of an impact, you’ll know how fast that vehicle was traveling.


Mobile DVR “Black Box” Recording System

Record and document everything happening on and around your Crash Truck. This system can be configured with 4 or 8 cameras that set to record with the triggering of an event; such as TMA deployment, engine start, or vehicle movement. This is an optional upgrade for any TMA Truck.

Work Zone Recording

The mobile DVR records work zone activities to provide your company with safety and liability protection. Multiple camera views, including rear-mounted, increase safety in your work zone and lower the risk of accidental damage. The in-cab mounted screen view provides the reverse backup camera view and any other camera view in operation.


Liability & Insurance Protection:

  • Establish liability protection by monitoring your equipment & employees during work zone operations
  • Avoid liability for costly hit & runs by capturing vehicles, license plates, and drivers on camera in the seconds leading up to and following an impact
  • Reduce expenses and manpower with forward and rear facing cameras that automatically record lane closure set-ups and tear-downs
  • Increase worker efficiency and safety recordings that serve as real-life operational/training scenarios


Check out our comprehensive How To videos!

Radar Speed Sign with Variable Message Sign for Smart Work Zone Systems


Smart Work Zone Systems

Smart work zone technology is the application of computers, communications, and sensor technology to improve transportation safety and are intended to better inform motorists, encourage them to take alternate routes, reduce their frustrations, reduce freeway congestion, and enhance safety for motorists and workers. Per the FHWA, these systems improve the conflicts between vehicular traffic and work activity in highway construction work zones.

Automated Speed Enforcement

Automated speed enforcement has proven to reduce the speeds of motorists in construction zones. The new and improved radar speed sign is also a variable message sign! The active radar board displays on one side, and your custom message displays on the other, a two for one!

Mobile DVR for Work Zone Recording
Smart Work Zone Technology
Automated Speed Enforcement