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In today’s work environment, you want to get the most bang for your buck.  In other words, for a company to survive and thrive, it must be able to get the most value out of its fleet without spending a fortune to do so. With versatility in the construction industry becoming much more important recently than ever before, a frequent question asked is how your budget can be utilized in such a way to make the most out of the funds allotted. By adding a hooklift truck, or a truck with Royal’s Hook n’ Go system, or a 3-in-1 truck to your fleet, your company can get the most out of its fleet without the need to purchase many different, single-use trucks.

The Hook N’ Go System: How Does the System Work?

Before you can start the interchanging of bodies on the hooklift truck using the Hook n’ Go system, there are a couple steps you need to complete for the process to run smoothly.

First, ensure that the three plugs running from the cab of the truck to the body are disconnected. You will find that the three disconnection points are mounted directly behind the cab of the truck.  When the operator reenters the cab of the truck, before they can start to remove the first body, they must make sure that:

  1. The truck is in neutral.
  2. The brakes are released.

Lastly, ensure the air pressure of the truck is at least 120 pounds of force per square inch (PSI).  If the air pressure is not above 120 PSI, the PTO will not turn on, which needs to happen for the bodies to be changed.  Once the PTO is turned on and engaged, you can take off the current body and replace it with another.  To learn more about how the Hook n’ Go truck is designed and operates, watch our recent episode of TMA Trucks A to Z on the subject!

Watch Episode 11 of TMA Trucks A to Z above where we show you the interworking of one of our hook n’ go trucks, including how to operate it as well as elements of its design.

What is the 3-in-1 truck?

What if you could have three trucks for the price of one, thus allowing more flexibility in your budget?  The 3-in-1 truck is exactly that! In a matter of minutes, you can switch between three different builds, essentially giving you the abilities of three trucks.

In a short amount of time, the 3-in-1 truck can be switched into being:

1. A TMA (truck mounted attenuator) truck

As a TMA truck, the 3-in-1 is equipped with a TL-3 Scorpion attenuator that serves to protect workers in a work zone from oncoming traffic.

2. A cone safety truck

When being used as a cone safety truck, the truck is equipped with a hydraulic man basket.  This makes cone and barrel operations as safe as possible.

3. A stake body truck

The stake body truck is an ideal solution to storing equipment and transporting it around the work zone.

How Does It Work?


The 3-in-1 truck’s build can be switched in as little as ten minutes with the Fast-Trak SwiftConnect system.  The video above showcases just how easy it is to switch builds of the truck. As you can see, in only a few steps, you can complete the necessary tasks to switch the truck’s function.  Time is always at a premium.  The Fast-Trak SwiftConnect system on the 3-in-1 truck allows for you to not waste valuable time in switching the truck’s build.

Now that we know what each truck is and how to operate them, and all the precautions that need to be taken, we can examine why you should have each truck in your fleet.  Here are some of the benefits of adding either the Hook n’ Go system or the 3-in-1 truck to your fleet:

1. Versatility

Does your organization frequently perform operations that require several different truck body types?  It’s becoming increasingly frequent that companies perform several different kinds of operations.  While this broadens the amount of work that they can take on, often these different tasks require their own specialized truck. While possible, this is a costly venture.  Specifically, Royal’s Hook n’ Go system gives your company the versatility to attach any body to one hooklift truck.

In a matter of minutes, one chassis can be equipped with a body to become a:

  • TMA truck
  • Safety Truck
  • Landscape Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Forestry Truck
  • Water Truck
  • Stake Body Truck

These are just a handful of the most frequently used bodies.  If your company’s operations require a specialty body not listed above, the Hook n’ Go system can almost certainly accommodate any truck body you may need.

With a hooklift truck, you can run several different operations with just one chassis including: bridge maintenance & repair, salt spreading, highway maintenance, street cleaning & repair, rail & tree care, demolition, and landscaping debris cleanup.  As you can see, the amount of work you can get done with just one hooklift truck is only confined by your imagination!

If your company is only involved in highway maintenance operations, the 3-in-1 truck may be a better option for you! With its ability to quickly transform into the three essential trucks needed for most construction and maintenance operations on the highway, your company will be able to execute any phase of a traffic control plan all with 1 truck!

2. Save Money

By design, both the Hook n’ Go system and the 3-in-1 truck limit the cost of your fleet.  Instead of one truck being limited to operating in the function it was built to accomplish, each truck can accomplish the work of several.

In the long term, your company can save a vast amount of money on truck purchases and maintenance with each system.  Once you have a hooklift chassis, all you need to buy are the bodies you need. The only additional expense that would be needed with each new body is to mount the track system on the bottom of it for it to be able to attach to the hooklift chassis. With the purchase of a 3-in-1 truck, you will have both the truck mounted attenuator and the man basket ready to go for your operations.  In terms of expenses, you will be eliminating the need to purchase three separate trucks in the future.

Another added expense of having a fleet comprised of specialized, single-use trucks is the cost of fleet underutilization.  Simply, a truck sitting in your yard more often than it is working is costing you money.  Did you know that according to The MuniRent Blog, “the average utilization of heavy equipment was quoted at 30% (70% underutilization).”  As you can see, a vast majority of companies across the country underutilize the trucks in their fleet.  By adding a hooklift truck to your fleet, you’ll can keep the truck working for you instead of sitting on your lot.

In addition, adding a versatile hooklift or 3-in-1 truck to your fleet will allow you to reduce the total number of trucks in your fleet, thus leading to tremendous savings.  Do you have a guess as to just how much you can save from reducing the size of your fleet?  Government Fleet magazine estimates that, “For a fleet of 1,000 units, eliminating 100 units can save more than $300,000 per year in operating costs.”   Simply put, a smaller fleet means a higher fleet utilization means less money spent on fleet operating costs.

3. Maximum Productivity

Specifically with the hooklift truck, adding hooklift trucks to your fleet increases productivity by decreasing seasonal downtime.  For example, as the colder winter months arrive in most parts of the country, highway construction operations are done less frequently.  A standard TMA truck will end up sitting around idle in your yard for many months of the year.  With a hooklift truck, this is not an issue!  During the winter months you can remove the truck’s TMA body and replace it with a dump body and add a plow.  In the Spring or Autumn, you can utilize the truck as a forestry or landscape truck by once again interchanging bodies.

The ability to change bodies on the truck allows for no seasonal downtimes.  No matter what season it is or how the weather impacts conditions, there will always be a time when you can utilize a hooklift truck!

4. Quick Changes

Ultimately, if the process to interchange bodies on the hooklift truck or the 3-in1 truck was difficult and time consuming, all of the truck’s benefits would be meaningless.  After all, both trucks are supposed to be saving your company the time and hassle of having several different specialized trucks, not creating an entirely different problem! Fortunately for you, the entire process of removing a body from the hooklift truck and putting on its replacement can be accomplished in only a matter of minutes, not hours.  To prove to you just how quick and simple it is to switch bodies of the truck, watch the video below of the entire process at live speed!

Watch a demo of a Hook n’ Go truck, including a live speed demonstration of how quick it takes interchange truck bodies.

As you can see in the above video, changing from one body to another can be done in just a few minutes.  This means that even in situations where your company is constrained by time in between operations, the Hook n’ Go truck can be utilized to its full potential.

Additionally, with the 3-in-1 truck, switch between body attachments can be done in under 10 minutes by just a few workers.  Ultimately, the process is simple and not at all time consuming once it is learned by your work crews.

What type of company are these trucks ideal for?

hooklift truck

While every company can derive some benefit from owning a hooklift truck, there are absolutely some types of organizations that this truck would benefit the most.  We’ve found that municipalities benefit the most from adding hooklift trucks to their fleets.  Municipalities are tasked with doing many different tasks in the area they serve, often needing multiple specialized vehicles.

Did you know that the city of Los Angeles has over 14,000 vehicles in their fleet, making it not only the largest municipal fleet in the country but also the ninth largest commercial fleet in the country?  Because municipalities are required to do most operations in their town or city, it is hard to limit fleet size.  With a hooklift truck though, it’s possible to reduce the number of trucks in their fleet by introducing ones that can be transformed into many different trucks.

Likewise, with a 3-in-1 truck, the ideal company have the truck in their fleet is one that is tasked with  doing several different phases of highway construction and maintenance operations.  By being able to quickly interchange body attachments, a company can swiftly change from one phase of the operation to the next.


If your company completes a wide range of work that requires specialized trucks, having one truck for each operation is not only inefficient but also costs your company money.  With fleet underutilization becoming increasingly frequent, equipment managers are taking a second look at their options.  Luckily, operational variety doesn’t have to equate to fleet underutilization and high operating costs anymore.

Multi-usage trucks are becoming a significantly valuable tool for your fleet to have.   By adding hooklift trucks or 3-in-1 trucks to your fleet, you can decrease the size of your fleet, thus reducing the associated operating and maintenance costs that come along with it.  Both trucks can quickly become jack-of-all-trades in your fleet, making them essential trucks for year-round operations

Do you have any questions about Royal’s Hook-n’-Go system or how adding a hooklift truck to your fleet would benefit your company?  Or any comments about the 3-in-1 truck? Leave a comment below and let us know!  A member of Royal’s team will answer your question as soon as we can!


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  1. My husband’s work is looking to upgrade their fleet with some new equipment, and I think you’re right that they would really benefit from adding a hooklift truck to the list. As you mentioned, there’s a lot of seasonal downtime with all the snow that our area gets, so being able to add a plow into the mix would be a major benefit to them. I’ll be sure to pass your tips along to my husband so he can talk to his boss about it, for sure.

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