Cooperative Purchasing

Royal Truck & Equipment is proud to do business with DOTs and government entities around the nation. We do are best to become a part of the largest public procurement agencies to make sure Royal products are available to the government sector. Whether you’re a part of a Federal, State, or Local agency, we have a buying option for you. Through awarded government schedules or public bid solicitations, government entities can purchase work trucks and products that meet your business needs.

Royal History of Performance

Royal Truck & Equipment builds trucks for all levels of government – Federal, State, and Local. We stand ready to fill your needs whether you are a PA COSTARS buyer, Federal Agency buyer, BuyBoard user, State DOT or Port Authority Buyer. We have the Past Performance that gives you the confidence that you need to move ahead to fulfill your contracts. Please email us at the link below for a comprehensive list of satisfied government buyers. We are a small business with national performance history from Maine to Florida to Texas and California.

Royal Sets the Standards

Royal Truck & Equipment builds TMA and Vocational Trucks in addition to providing vehicle up-fit services for all levels of government across the USA. State DOTs, Port Authorities, Turnpike Commissions, and municipalities chose a Royal Build over others because ofour strict safety and quality standards. Royal provides the safest traffic control trucks available. This is especially important for the men and women whose very lives depend on the protection of a TMA truck.

Royal Defines the Future

Royal Truck & Equipment leads work truck innovations by providing governments with our Autonomous TMA truck that effectively removes workers from one of the most dangerous jobs around—driving a crash truck. We are simultaneously launching the ATMA in Europe and in the US, thereby leading the way for a much safer work zone.

If you’re a government entity and would like to do business with Royal Truck & Equipment, contact our Government Accounts Manager Below:

Fred Bergstresser
Government Account Manager | Direct: 484-895- 1288