First Responders

Proudly Supporting First Responders

More than 40 emergency responders are struck and killed in the U.S. every year, of which at least 50% have been fire, EMS, and tow truck operators/mobile mechanics.

TMA Trucks and Traffic Incident Management

TMA trucks have traditionally been used for protection in highway work zone operations by acting as a barrier between workers and the traveling public.

While these trucks have become a requirement for work zones according to regulations in many states, they’re just now being recognized for their potential to save lives in traffic incident management.

We’re proud to take part in this new movement to protect first responders.

TMA Trucks

TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator) trucks are built to save lives. These trucks are intended to absorb the impact of a high (or low) speed crash.

They’re engineered to decrease damage to the vehicle, prevent the worker from being struck, and absorb impact to reduce force on the impacting driver.

Incident Response

The IRV (Incident Response Vehicle) is the first TMA protection vehicle built for traffic incident management.

This versatile truck is equipped with compartments to store essential equipment, an attenuator (crash cushion) to protect workers from errant drivers, and a smart arrow board to warn approaching drivers.

Hazard Light Kit

The ConnectedTech Hazard Light Kit integrates with your existing hazard lights to broadcast your location to motorists via navigation apps like Waze and Apple Maps.

Easy to install and use – when your lights are on, you’re transmitting – so you can focus on the incident while staying protected.

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