Emergency Response TMA Truck

Royal Truck & Equipment’s Emergency Response TMA Truck is a revolutionary concept when it comes to first responder highway safety. Every fireman, policeman and EMT deserves to have the safest possible protection when on the job. You put your lives in jeopardy to help others alongside dangerous highways. The Emergency Response TMA Truck is built to assist your team during these calls. You can utilize the truck body to store all necessary supplies and protect every firefighter that steps foot on the highway.

Emergency Response TMA Truck
Emergency Response TMA Truck


  • 5 Camera Truck Mounted System
  • LED Taillight Strobe Package
  • 36″ Roof-Mounted Strobe Bar
  • Padlock Handles
  • All Aluminum Uni-Body
  • Easy Shift Shelving System

The industry’s safest and most innovative truck design of the ERTMA offers your fire company great maneuverability, and over 1,000 cubic feet of storage capacity. This allows the ability to carry all equipment necessary for fire, rescue, and EMA response in one organized area.


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