Custom bodies

Built to your specifications.

We've been taking custom builds to another level for more than 30 years. From buckets, racks, baskets, boards, and tech, our highly skilled in-house teams can build to your specs. Take a look below at some of the most commonly asked questions about building a custom truck.


  • Designed in collaboration – taking your inputs throughout the entire process – to ensure the build meets your unique operational needs.
  • Built with your individual state’s requirements in mind so you’re always in compliance.
  • Unlimited capabilities in design and engineering, enabling you to optimize your fleet, reduce overall inventory costs, maximize output, and reduce downtime.


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Custom Build FAQs

Can Royal build on my current cab/chassis?

Yes! Our customers often ask us to build on their own chassis regardless of when or where it was purchased. Depending on the type of chassis may affect or restrict it from being used for certain builds due to safety issues. As the first step in the process, your account manager will discuss the options with you based upon the year, make, and model of the chassis you would be providing.

Does Royal upfit other TMAs and safety trucks built by someone else?

Absolutely. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve leveraged our expertise and capabilities to upfit many trucks that were built somewhere else. We offer a wide range of services and upfit options ranging from adding safety lighting, tech equipment (e.g. cameras, warning systems, radar and message boards), racks, man buckets and baskets, attenuators, and even full removal and replacement of bodies.

Does Royal offer custom body fabrication?

We’re excited to offer custom fabrication and custom body work including TMA bodies, traffic control bodies, flatbed bodies, light duty inserts, and more. We provide engineer-led custom body fabrication services for any truck – regardless of new or used – and can repurpose nearly any truck to save you money on purchasing new equipment while optimizing your fleet utilization. View our gallery below to see some of our unique custom fabrication projects.

Can I add customization to a standard Royal build?

Whether you’re currently purchasing a new or used truck from us, or you’ve purchased a Royal-built truck in the past, we can customize it to meet your unique or changing needs. Our services include a variety of simple add-ons like DVR packages, full matrix message boards, and truck mounted balloon lights to more complex customizations like complete body replacements, upgraded racks and buckets, and repurposing an existing truck to a multi-purpose truck or a completely different body/build. View our gallery below to see some of our work.

Truck Repurposing

We are the only upfitter in our industry to offer complete truck repurposing as part of our standard offering. In fact, we repair, recondition, and sell more refurbished trucks than any other TMA and safety truck manufacturer in North America. More than 95% of the used trucks we sell have not only be serviced and reconditioned mechanically (full mechanical evaluation, re-powdering racks, complete detailing, etc.) but have been completely transformed from a different type of commercial truck. With 30 years of experience and a highly skilled and collaborative team, we can repurpose your used truck into a different build or convert it to a multi-purpose truck to maximize your fleet utilization.

Before & After

We converted this 2017 Hino 338CC from a used beverage box truck to a TMA truck with powder-coated racks, non-skid deck, man buckets, safety light package, arrow board, Scorpion MASH attenuator, and TraffiCalm radar message board.

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