Flagging Baton

Flagging Baton

The ConnectedTech Flagging Baton helps reduce injuries and fatalities by creating more awareness of active utility workers, flaggers, and crossing guards to approaching drivers.
When attached to a stop paddle, this portable lightweight device becomes a safety beacon that notifies travelers to proceed slowly or stop ahead.

Warn drivers and protect workers
Broadcast work zone data directly to popular navigation apps like Waze and Apple Maps.

Warn drivers ahead of time so they can slow down, move over, or seek alternate route.

Includes online dashboard to track connected equipment (current and historical data).


•Reduces risk of an accident by giving advance warning to approaching drivers

•Reduces liability post-incident by showing compliance with best practices

•Demonstrates proactive measures taken in worker and public injury prevention

•Provides reliable chain of evidence when an incident occurs in your work zone


•Transmits location and ‘ON’ status when in use (status posted to XML within 2 minutes)

•Transmits status every 15 minutes and/or if it moves more than 300ft

•Transmits location and ‘OFF’ status when not in use (status posted to XML within 60 seconds)

•Updates location and ‘OFF’ status at 4-hour intervals

•Reporting: XML or JSON posting for agency data centers


•Weight: under 1lb

•Dimensions: 10.5" cylinder x 1.5" diameter

•Temperature Range: -20C to +85C

•Power: Micro-USB charger for 12 VDC or 110 VAC

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