Class 4 & 5 Traffic Control

Set a pattern of safety for your working crews.

Built on a 15' steel body, our light duty TCT is designed to make loading equipment and setting patterns safer.

Standard Features

  • Chassis: OEM new, customer supplied, or Royal reconditioned
  • 11-gauge solid steel bulkhead integrated with body
  • LED marker and strobe lights
  • 15-lamp LED solar powered arrow board
  • 2 backup cameras with 7” monitor
  • Non-skid coated deck
  • 36”H powder coated racks
  • 33”W lighted man buckets with latching swing gates
  • 15' steel traffic control body
  • One-touch arrow board deployment
  • Power-folding or hydraulic telescopic arrow board

Optional Equipment

  • Custom body length
  • Fixed/removable step bumper
  • Man basket
  • Rear or side lift gate
  • Complete swinging racks
  • 25-lamp LED arrow board
  • 48”H racks
  • Sign cage
  • Underbody toolboxes

Tech Upgrades

  • Upgraded camera systems
  • Radar & message boards
  • Driver warning systems

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