Pattern & Cone

There’s a safer way to do lane closures and cone placement than off the back of a pickup truck. Our traffic control trucks are equipped with critical safety features that can mean the difference between life and a lawsuit including hydraulic solar arrow boards, backup cameras, man buckets, and optional equipment like rear man baskets and step bumpers.

Class 2 & 3 Traffic Control

Built on an 8' flatbed, our light duty TCT includes our unique drop in system to make traffic control operations more efficient and safer.
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Class 4 & 5 Traffic Control

This light duty traffic safety truck makes cone placement easier and safer with 33”W side man buckets and optional rear man basket or step bumper.
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Drop Side Traffic Control

Built on a 15' steel body, the racks on our drop side traffic control truck completely fold down to allow for easy access to the bed.
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Class 6 Traffic Control

Our medium duty traffic control truck offers a longer 18’ bed, 60”W side man buckets, higher 48” racks, and rear man basket options for safer operations.
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