CDL Requirements

Does a TMA Truck require a CDL license?

At Royal Truck and Equipment, our TMA Trucks are weighted at less than 26,000lbs.That means in most states, you do not need a CDL license to drive one. But, it is difficult to find a complete list of state by state regulations of when you are required to have a CDL...and at what weight.

We put together a team at Royal to compile this very important data so that your company is and stays compliant, giving you the confidence that you team has the proper licenses.

For a complete list of state CDL requirements with links to each state's reference web page, download our full CDL requirement report.

Regulation Inquiry

This Page's Information was Last Updated on August 2, 2015
*This webpage represents the cumulative research of Royal Truck & Equipment of the regulations for each state and is provided as a courtesy to our customers. This information will change from time to time. Royal will provide updates to this information on an annual basis. It is recommended that you or your company do not solely rely on this webpage's information to determine if you meet legal requirements. It is suggested that when you download the full reports provided that you verify Royal's data by checking the reference links and contact information in the report. Royal does not certify the accurate information in the reports beyond our best efforts taken to compile the data and inform our industry. Please be safe and verify independently.