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Highway Safety and Traffic Control Products

Royal Truck & Equipment is Proud to be a BuyBoard Vendor!

National Purchasing Cooperative

The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative is sponsored by various national and statewide associations around the country. These organizations promote the benefits and value of the BuyBoard to their respective memberships. Membership in the Cooperative is open to all types of local government agencies in all states and membership is free.

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Texas Purchasing Cooperative

School districts, cities, counties, and other governmental entities in Texas participate in the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative and have relied on BuyBoard as a trusted and experienced cooperative purchasing source for years. Becoming a member of the Texas Cooperative is quick and easy – and membership is still free!

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Products Available through BuyBoard:

  • TMA Trucks 11' - 22'
  • TMA Truck Upfits
  • Fast-Trak SwiftConnect
  • Sign Cages
  • Royal Technology Package
  • Radar Boards
  • Mini Messenger Boards
  • DVR & Camera Systems
  • Sonetics Hearing Protection &
    Wireless Communication Headsets
  • Diesel/Gas Truck Mounted Generators
  • Illumagear Halo Systems
  • TL-3 Scorpion Attenuators, Truck Mounted
  • TL-2 Scorpion Attenuators, Truck Mounted
  • TL-3 Scorpion Trailer Attenuators
  • TrafFix Scorpion Attenuator Parts