April 26th-30th, 2021 is National Work Zone Awareness Week! Why do we need National Work Zone Awareness Week? Are work zones that dangerous? Yes!  Work zones can be incredibly dangerous to both work crews and passing drivers.  For example:

In connection with this year’s theme, “Drive Safe. Work Safe. Save Lives.”, we want to share some safety tips on how both contractors and commuters can both do their part in making work zones safer for all!


What Drivers Can Do to Assist in Work Zones

live work zone

Improving work zone safety is also the responsibility of drivers traveling through the zone.  After all, workers are not only the ones in danger in an unsafe zone.  Of the 754 work zone fatalities in 2018, only approximately 16% were workers in the zone.

What Contractors Can Do to Assist in the Work Zone

Other Innovative Technologies that can Make a Difference in Your Work Zones



Making work zones safer is everyone’s responsibility!  Stay tuned all week on our social media channels for more National Work Zone Awareness Week information!

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