Dating back over 20 years, National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is held as an annual national event organized by national road safety organizations, state departments of transportation (DOT), and government agencies. This important event brings awareness to the dangers that roadway workers face when performing highway operations like paving, sweeping, line striping, maintenance, mowing, plowing, and assisting disable vehicles.

In 2023, NWZAW will continue the tradition of promoting work zone safety from April 17-21. For those who are new to the industry or unaware of just how dangerous work zones have become, the most recent statistics are alarming.

In connection with this year’s theme, “You play a role in work zone safety. Work with us...”, we’re joining the effort in sharing important safety tips for contractors/workers and the traveling public to make work zones safer for everyone!


What Contractors Can Do to Improve Work Zone Safety


What Drivers Can Do to Improve Work Zone Safety

live work zone

Highway workers are not the only ones in danger. Improving work zone safety is also the responsibility of the traveling public. In fact, of the 857 work zone fatalities in 2020, 680 were drivers and passengers in the vehicle. The following tips will help keep you and the workers safe when approaching a work zone.

What Contractors Can Do to Assist in the Work Zone

Other Innovative Technologies that can Make a Difference in Your Work Zones



Making work zones safer is everyone’s responsibility!  Stay tuned all week on our social media channels for more National Work Zone Awareness Week information!

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