One crucial element of a truck’s build is its man buckets. A man bucket’s job is to assist personnel and equipment to get on and off the truck safely.  Here are the top five things you need to know about man buckets:

1.) When adding man buckets to your truck, there are two different options available: single and double wide. The main difference in the two options is, as the names suggest, its width. A single man bucket is 33” wide by 24” deep by 34.5” tall, while a double wide man bucket is 60” wide by 24” deep by 34.5” tall.

2.) Being only 33” wide, a single man bucket has enough room for a worker to operate comfortably in it. At 60” wide, the double wide man bucket has enough room for a worker as well as equipment, such as cones and barrels.  Why is this important? The space of a double wide man bucket reduces the distance a worker needs to lift a cone or barrel, which in turn reduces the amount of back injuries on the job.  According to the Federal Occupational Health, “back injuries account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace and cost the nation an estimated 20 to 50 billion dollars per year.”  Having a double wide man bucket reduces the distance a worker would need to lift a barrel by approximately 15 inches, therefore, in turn, should reduce injury to the workforce.  A healthy workforce equates to a productive workforce.

3.) Both man bucket styles are equipped with a safety bar, either horizontally sliding or vertically adjustable, so the worker inside can safely operate in the man bucket while the truck is stopped or in motion. With the vertically adjustable safety bar, you can custom fit the bar to workers of all sizes to ensure personalized safety for each member of the work crew.

4.) Another safety feature is that it is lined with a non-slip coating, so you can work without the fear of losing your footing. With a non-slip floor, personnel can work safely and effectively in all weather conditions. The man bucket is also outfitted with LED step lights, so operation at night is just as safe and easy.

5.) In terms of usability, one of the best features of the man bucket is that when it is not in use, the lid has the ability to fold down and seamlessly fit in with the rest of the deck of the truck. The lids on both man bucket models can support several hundred pounds, meaning you do not sacrifice storage space on your truck in order to have man buckets. This means you are getting the most out of your man bucket at all times, when it is in use as well as when it is not.


For more information about the man buckets on our trucks or to schedule a demo, contact us here!

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