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Number 1 New Way to Save a Firefighter's Life

Stress and overexertion are the number one cause of death for firefighters.  With all the highly stressful and incredibly intense […]

Top 5 Things You NEED to Know about Man Buckets

One crucial element of a truck’s build is its man buckets. A man bucket’s job is to assist personnel and […]

Is Having a Generator on your TMA Truck Worth it?

In many work zones, a TMA truck’s sole job is to idle behind the zone to protect the workers from […]

Top 5 Best Work Zone Safety Campaigns of 2017

Work zone safety has become an issue we can no longer overlook.  In 2015, 700 people were killed in car […]

3 Reasons Why Virtual Reality is the Future of Training

Traditional training methods may soon become obsolete due to the emergence of virtual reality based training. Here are three reasons […]

3 Ways a Truck Mounted Generator Saves You Money

Work trucks of all kinds require electrical power to run lighting and computerized equipment. Truck mounted attenuator (TMA) trucks are […]

Top 3 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your TMA Truck

Thanksgiving isn’t all about the homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffed turkeys. It’s a time to surround ourselves with family, […]

Purchasing a Forestry Truck: Everything You Need

We have decided to re-post a very important post by our co-worker, Emily Anthony, from last year with a few […]

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