Over the past decade, there’s been a significant rise in spending on highway construction and maintenance, culminating with the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill allotting $110 billion to improving our nation’s aging infrastructure. With Americans generally driving more than ever, completing construction and maintenance operations as safely and efficiently as possible has never been so important. Let’s learn more about the driving force behind the maintenance of traffic: the traffic control truck.

What is a Traffic Control Truck?

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Also known as a pattern truck, cone truck, safety truck, or MOT (maintenance of traffic) truck, this type of vehicle is critical for road maintenance operations. A traffic control truck mainly serves to facilitate sign and cone placement when closing travel lanes in order to perform road work. These trucks are outfitted with an arrow board that visually warns travelers of changing traffic conditions.

What Safety Features are Typically on a Traffic Control Truck?

Depending on the operation, the type of traffic control truck and equipment needed may differ and body designs can vary widely to accommodate different types of operations. Some of the determining factors include:

What Makes Using Traffic Control Trucks the Safer Option?

These types of trucks are specially designed for traffic control and maintenance operations. Alternative options are very unsafe and a liability for your company with higher risk of injuries and fatalities. When using an improper truck to perform a lane closure, crews may be faced with performing the task one of two other highly dangerous ways.

When safety and efficiency are your primary priorities in MOT operations, not having a traffic control truck in your fleet is the easiest way to leave your company vulnerable to lawsuits and claims.


What is a Traffic Control Truck? You may think it’s just another construction truck, but this truck is the multi-use powerhouse you need to get the job done right. This truck is used to help direct traffic in order to ensure safety for the public as well as the crews working.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were 120,008 Large truck accidents during the 2018 year. Crashes are going to happen, and you should make sure your team is prepared for the worst. The Traffic Control Truck’s cannot be found anywhere else and is the perfect truck for your job.

The Traffic Control Truck can be customized for specific construction applications. You can choose from various sized trucks from 12-22 feet long, including a custom-built steel flatbed with LED lights and non-skid deck. The standard build comes with a 15 or 25 LED lamp arrow board, a rear man basket with 3 safety bars, removable 36” or 48” high racks, and two backup cameras. The possibilities are endless with options such as man buckets, side lift gates, a quick connect system, and optional step bumper.

Main Traffic Control Truck Features

Rear Man Basket

The truck can be equipped with a Rear Man Basket on the back. This basket is equipped with two safety swing gates on both sides, this basket has a hydraulic lift that can be raised up to the deck level. Once gates are open, the red gate allows for a three-point contact to safely pull yourself onto the bed of the truck.

Man Buckets (optional)

On each side of the truck there are man buckets. These man buckets are available in two sizes. The single man bucket is 33 inches, or the double man bucket which is 60 inches. Above these buckets are yellow swing racks allowing for easier access to the bed of the truck.

Man bucket

Connected Arrow Board

The solar powered led arrow board can be in the options of 15 or 25 led lights. The board is located behind the cab of the truck and can be raised and lowered hydraulically. The solar panel is located on top of the arrow board allowing for full sun exposure and preventing operator damages.

Arrow Board

Here is more information to make sure you pick the right traffic control truck for your job.

Two Custom Build Options

Fully Loaded Traffic Control Truck

The Fully Loaded Traffic Control Truck comes in 15-22 feet and is best used when closing large stretches of highways. Since the body of this truck is a minimum of 15 feet, it’s best suited for highways or rural roadways. The longer the body, the more storage capability. The removable Steel racks come in 36 or 48 inches high. This truck has the option of a single or double-wide man bucket with swinging gates for easy access. The deck of the bed is coated with anti-skid grip paint and non-slip safety decals to ensure safety. These trucks have the option of getting an aluminum bed in place of the anti-skid grip paint. The aluminum body will prevent corrosion and is 2.5 times light than steel. This will allow for you to store heavier equipment on the bed of the truck. Another advantage of this truck compared to a more compact traffic control truck, is the option of a side lift gate. This would allow for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment on the job site. According to the National Safety Council 33.54% of workplace injuries in 2018 were caused by lifting or lowering objects. The addition of the side lift gate will prevent all back injuries while on the job.

Fully Loaded FrontFully Loaded Back

Pictured above is an image of the Heavy-Duty Traffic Control Truck

Compact Traffic Control Truck

 The Compact Traffic Control Trucks are the smaller option of our trucks. These trucks are going to be 12 feet long. This truck is best for shorter lane closures because it holds a smaller number of cones, allowing for easier use in highly congested urban areas. Instead of a man basket, this truck features a step bumper. The step bumper allows for easy accessibility to the bed of the truck. The optional step ladder allows for workers to gain entrance to the bed by utilizing the swing gates. There is also an option of adding single or double sign cages. The bed of this truck also has the option of having an aluminum truck body which is not only lighter than steel, it also helps prevent corrosion.

Compact Traffic Control Front Compact

These are Images of the Compact Traffic Control Truck.


Traffic Control Trucks are needed on all highway/ road construction job sites. These trucks allow for the job to get done correctly while keeping the workers and the public safe. This is the safest truck on the market coming in two different versions for specific jobs. The Full Loaded Traffic Control truck is best used for large highway lane closure. The Compact Traffic Control Truck allows for easier maneuverability in urban areas for smaller lane closure. Take control of traffic with your own Traffic Control Truck!

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