Autonomous TMA Systems

What is an atma?

The ATMA (Autonomous TMA) is a self-driving TMA truck that operates completely driverless. This cutting-edge system relies on a human-driven leader vehicle that transmits its GPS position data to the driverless follower (ATMA) vehicle, enabling it to mirror the exact path and speed of the lead vehicle.

This innovative technology was first developed for use by the U.S. military and has since been adapted for the roadway construction industry through our partnership with Kratos Defense.


  • Eliminates the need for a TMA driver, which keeps a would-be driver out of harm's way.
  • Reduces the potential for liability claims.
  • Provides better protection to the lead vehicle and working crews by consistently maintaining proper roll-ahead distance with precision and accuracy.
  • Avoids the potential for secondary impact to the lead vehicle by ensuring the TMA stays on course
  • Eliminates human instinct for self-preservation during an impact.

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Operations & Deployments

The autonomous TMA system can be used in a nearly unlimited variety of applications. Examples include highway maintenance operations including plowing, sweeping, line striping, and water trucks. The ATMA follower system can be configured to follow almost any vehicle as the leader.

In addition to live deployments, many DOTs have worked with universities to conduct live testing and evaluation of the system. These published reports show the potential for the ATMA to bring us closer toward zero deaths.
Tennessee DOT
North Dakota DOT
Missouri DOT
Minnesota DOT
Florida DOT
Colorado DOT
Colas U.K. DOT
Caltrans DOT
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