Attenuator Truck Rental

Attenuator Truck Rentals

The Royal Rental Network: is a cooperative of dealers, distributors, and rental companies throughout North America that Royal Truck & Equipment, Inc., and has been organized to provide our customers with a direct link to the trucks and equipment they need, when they need it. Not only can we provide your attenuator truck rental, Royal has contacts in almost every metropolitan area, and can help you find Stake Body / Cone Safety Trucks, Signs, Cones, Barricades, and just about any piece of safety equipment you might need. We frequently obtain preferred pricing, and near immediate availability. Whether you are looking to rent a TMA Truck or 1,000 Barrels, Royal is the best place to help you find what you are looking for.

Why Use An Attenuator Truck Rental?

(A.K.A. – Attenuator Trucks, Crash Trucks, Cushion Trucks, Safety Trucks, Traffic Control Trucks, Traffic Maintenance Trucks) – There are many reasons why renting your TMA trucks through the Royal Rental Network may be the perfect solution compared to purchasing vehicles for your fleet. First and foremost, Royal is a manufacturer – the largest TMA truck manufacturer in North America. Our primary business is not rentals. We sell our trucks to rental companies across the continent. In doing so, we negotiate and secure special rental rates with our customers and partners. We know where our trucks are, when they are available, and how you can get your hands on them for the best rates. If you have any questions or concerns about Attenuator Trucks (TMAs) & Cone Safety Truck rentals, please call (855-202-7129) or email Royal Rental Network ( and we’ll do our best to help. Otherwise if you’re ready to rent, please fill out the contact form below with what you are looking for and we will get back to you with options, usually within the hour.

Traffic Control Companies & Construction Companies (Roads, Bridges, Highways)

  • Zero Upfront Investment – Why use your capital on idle equipment? You can grow or maintain your business without any additional capital investment. When credit and cash flow are at a premium, renting through the Royal Rental Network can save you thousands.
  • Zero Fleet Maintenance – Not all of your projects require TMAs. If you want to avoid the laying out the capital for purchasing the trucks, and more importantly, the cost of maintaining them when they are not in use, try renting through Royal.
  • On Demand Availability – We have preferred relationships with rental companies throughout North America. By coming to Royal first, you can access special rental rates offered only through the Royal Rental Network.
  • Flexibility – You can bid on projects that you otherwise might pass up, because you know you can get the trucks you need, when you need them. Flexibility in how you allocate your assets and what jobs you can take on is the key to growing your business successfully.
  • State and Federal Guideline Specific Equipment – Getting your hands on TMAs that meet your State’s requirements is not always easy, especially under the time constraints of government and municipal contracts. Renting solves that problem.

Rental Companies

  • Re-Rent Your Fleet – Sometimes there is just too much demand and not enough supply. If you have a large client you are servicing, but just don’t have the inventory, we can help you find the trucks you need on short notice. Customers remain customers because of service and your ability to provide that service when they need it. When you can’t afford to turn business away, but don’t have the trucks available in your fleet, Royal can help you find a short-term solution to keep you from turning customers away. In turn, Royal can also help you find customers when business is slow. Let us know when you have idle equipment. We will help you keep it making money.
  • Preferred Pricing – Our rental fleet network customers get preferred pricing from us, which means they give preferred pricing to the customers we send them. Buying from Royal means that your utilization rates will be greater, which means greater revenue per truck you purchase.
  • Private Label – Why have a mobile advertising campaign for another company? We can have the signage, decals, or wraps made to your specifications so that when you are renting to a customer, your name is what’s on the road.
  • ROI – Return on Investment – Purchases require capital that could otherwise be used elsewhere in your business. Sometimes you need trucks, but your capital is better invested elsewhere long term. Rather than tie up your investment $$ long-term in a truck, you can supplement your fleet by renting through Royal. Re-Renting ties up zero capital and provides immediate top-line cash flow

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