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About Us

Our mission is to provide safety to workers through quality and innovation in every truck we build.
Our culture was built on your safety. Every model of truck we build has been designed and engineered through the collaboration between our company and our customers. The feedback we receive has formed the foundation for many safety enhancements – from lights to latches – that have been saving lives for more than three decades.
Our quality comes from the ability to question. As part of our culture, we consistently challenge ourselves with evaluating our builds and our processes, and then raise the bar on our quality standards. R&D at Royal is a critical factor in ensuring the trucks we stand behind protect your crews that stand in front.
We’re committed to continuous improvement. Our teams routinely collaborate across the organization to develop new ideas, from the conceptualization stage to deployment, so we can continuously bring innovative features to our builds that improve highway worker safety.
Royal Truck & Equipment


As the President and Founder of Royal Truck & Equipment, Rob Roy has been an instrumental advocate for safety in the highway construction industry.  Stemming from his belief that highway workers need better protection, Rob has dedicated more than thirty years traveling throughout the United States meeting with them to learn about the dangers they face firsthand.  With this knowledge, Royal continuously improves and re-engineers its trucks to address specific and changing safety concerns conveyed directly from workers – each enhancement purposefully designed to reduce accidents, injuries and deaths.

Today, Rob’s mission of making work zones safer workplaces has grown beyond TMA trucks to technologically advanced and patented safety features and systems including the world’s first autonomous TMA truck system, AI harsh driving and collision warning systems, virtual reality training, and connected technology by iCone.  Royal now proudly provides safety solutions in other industries including utilities, fire, towing, and incident response.
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Royal advantage

It's never been easier to find the right truck.
No more guessing, squinting, scratching your head, or spending precious time on the phone.
Search by body, chassis, tma type, or vocation.
We set the gold standard for work zone safety trucks, equipment, and tech.

Customer testimonials

  • "The truck I bought from Royal has been excellent. What made me buy is 100% because of your sales person. Friendly and honest...all over a good person...I will gladly recommend Royal to anyone."
    Al Bolca
    A&Z Construction
  • "It's been great...Your team has listened to us and our needs and what we brought to you as a safety concern, you put in full motion and delivered...we couldn't do it without you."
    John McPherson
    Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc.
  • "Royal Truck and Equipment is all we could want in a manufacturer. They were direct, efficient, and pleasant. These qualities will surely have me recommending and using Royal for all my future purchases."
    Gary Spillane
  • "My experience with Royal has been great from start to finish. Top-notch organization and you guys care about what you're doing."
    Keone Padilla
    Northwest Barricade and Signs
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