Work trucks of all kinds require electrical power to run lighting and computerized equipment. Truck mounted attenuator (TMA) trucks are especially the case! They have many safety lights, advanced warning arrow boards, radar boards, and of course the attenuator, that all operate on electricity. Traditionally, you’d have to leave the truck engine on and let it idle in the work zone. Luckily, there’s finally a solution! Check out 3 ways a truck mounted attenuator will save you money:

1. Less Wear-and-Tear on Engine = Less Repair and Depreciation Cost

As an engine idles, the wear to consume one gallon of fuel is equal to driving up to 30 miles. “Many medium-duty truck applications perform a larger amount of their work at idle … and therefore will typically have low miles, but higher-than-normal hours-per-mile.” explained Brian Tabel of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. All of the electrical equipment that keeps your operation going, traditionally required the engine to run constantly. Even though miles aren’t adding up on the odometer, engine hour usage still causes wear-and-tear on the engine. Fleet managers take the usage hours into consideration when measuring the fleet’s cost per hour, depreciation, and service schedules. Simply put, less idle time saves you money in all these areas. A truck mounted generator completely eliminates the engine idle. Cha-ching!

2. Less Fuel Consumption = More Money Saved

Medium duty trucks consume .84 gal/hr of fuelor more during idle. Generally this number is even higher on older engines. A truck mounted generator can power your entire truck and mounted equipment on only .25 gal/hr of fuel. That’s a 30% decrease in idle fuel costs! If your truck puts in a long week of work, with 40 hours of idle time and at an average fuel cost of $3 per gallon. A generator will save you a minimum of $3,640 per year, per truck!

3. Better for the Environment = Tax Break

Alright, how is a greener truck going to save you money you ask? Wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing your trucks make the world a little bit cleaner? Of course you would! But if you really want to put a dollar figure on it, the U.S. Congress granted an exemption from the 12-percent federal excise tax for truck idle reduction systems.Truck fleets must ensure all devices installed on commercial motor vehicles conform to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 49 CFR 393, Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation. One caveat is that fleets are advised to consult with their tax counsel prior to implementation to confirm eligibility for the tax exemption.It pays to be green! Click here for more information.