A truck mounted attenuator (TMA) truck is designed to absorb the impact of an errant vehicle so construction workers stay protected in highway work zones. These type of accidents happen more often than you think. Having a TMA truck in your work zone is the definition of being prepared! There’s just a few simple tasks to make sure you and your crew stay safe. Here are 3 things to check every morning on your TMA truck:

1. DVR Recording

In the event of an impact, you want your DVR to be recording. Every morning when you turn on your truck, check the monitor in the cab. You’ll know you’re recording when you see a red “R” in the corner of each screen. Your version could also have 4 green boxes in the lower left corner of your monitor. In either case, you’re golden! If you see grey boxes or nothing at all, your DVR is not recording.

2. Clean Camera Lenses

When you’re sipping your morning coffee, take a stroll around your TMA truck. Make sure your camera lenses are clean and clear. In addition to making sure you have legible video footage, clean lenses allow your driver to see everything that’s going on. Your backup camera is a crucial safety component. Back overs are the cause of half of work zone fatalities. Keep some cleaner and a soft cloth, we recommend glass cleaner by Technician’s Choice, and clean your lenses. Here’s a quick how to video. It’s a simple step that truly makes all the difference.

3. DEF Fluid

There’s a lingering stigma about the diesel particulate filter (DPF), but as long as you stay aware, the DPF won’t cause a problem. Cleaner diesel engines are the future of the trucking industry. This is a good thing! Make sure you take a look at your dash upon engine start. A light will come on when it’s time to refill your diesel emissions fluid (DEF). If the truck is allowed to run out of DEF the engine’s power is reduced, a solid red warning will be displayed and the vehicle speed will be limited to 5 mph until the DEF tank is refilled. So check that you have DEF on board before you get going for the day… Just as a reminder, don’t ignore your regen light! 🙂

Just a few daily checks for your TMA truck that will save you a lot a hassle and money down the road.

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