What exactly is a myth?  Well, as we all know, a traditional story that people tell to explain some crazy phenomenon or supernatural event that they can’t explain. A Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) or crash truck is no supernatural object but it does do some pretty amazing things, like save lives every day. What’s cooler than that? Even so, false stories can circulate based on opinions which eventually spread like wildfire. Let’s put some of these crash truck myths to rest shall we?

  1. “Crash trucks are not necessary…”

Crash trucks are not necessary at all, said no one… well not ever. Not every state in the U.S.A has strict regulations when it comes to crash trucks, they are often just highly recommended. So why would someone believe it’s absolutely necessary if they aren’t being told they need it. Make sense, right? Wrong! They keep you safe and in the worst case scenarios – they will save your life and many others.

Over the 10 years from 2005 through 2014 work zone deaths have ranged from 576 to 1074 and averaged 733 per year…”

Now more than ever, the staggering numbers of fatalities in construction is turning heads and gaining awareness. States are coming together to create a safer work zone, but how? Crash trucks!These crash trucks may not have super powers but they are definitely super heroes.

  1. It’s safe to work off your TMA truck while using it for crash protection…”

While the laws may not tell everyone not to work off a TMA truck while it’s in use for crash protection – it certainly is not safe! Crash trucks are designed to shelter workers from vehicle contact; it would be harder to protect someone if they are on the back during impact.

The majority of fatal work zone crashes occur on roads with speed limits of 55 miles per hour or greater…”

Keeping workers safe is the main priority, if the job is in a state that allows people to work off the crash truck while the attenuator is deployed – you should have more than one crash truck to help protect workers in the event of an accident.  Don’t put Tommy on the back of your crash truck just because state regulations don’t forbid it, his family will thank you.

  1. “Crash trucks are too much money – a waste of money…”

Often we cut corners in order to save a buck or two, but when it comes to safety, take no shortcuts. Crash trucks can be pricey but the cost of one or multiple injuries will end up out weighing the cost of a single crash truck in the long run.

79% of people said that increased use of protective barriers where traffic is a concern would help reduce the # of crashes, injuries, and/or fatalities in work zones…”

If money is the problem, it’s good to remember that there are other ways to acquire a crash truck. If buying a brand new completed truck with a mounted attenuator is out of question, you might want to consider renting for the job. Rental providers are everywhere with available crash trucks for you to use right away. If the job is a multi-year gig, you could look into upfitting your truck into a crash truck. Just keep in mind – at the end of the day, safety is the number one priority.


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