#1 Blade TMA Distributor

Verdegro’s BLADE truck mounted attenuator is the industry’s newest vertical solution for attenuator trucks. Introduced to the US market in March 2017, the BLADE is MASH tested, MASH approved, and FHWA eligible.

#1 Scorpion TMA Distributor

Royal is the largest certified attenuator distributor, installation and repair facility for the TrafFix Devices Scorpion Attenuator in the United States. We install and repair hundreds of TMAs every year.


Industry's Safest Build

Industry leaders have coined the term Royal Build to set the quality and safety standards for a TMA truck build.

Quality that Outlasts

20 plus years later, customers are still bringing their trucks back to Royal for repairs and upgrades. We build trucks and bodies that will outlast your business.

Driven by Innovation

Royal is constantly innovating design and implementing cutting-edge technology to make sure your crew has the best equipment to keep them safe on the job.

Unmatched Value

Royal goes above and beyond to provide education material and training videos to best equip your crew. Anything you need to create a safer work zone, no ask is too much.